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Rebuilding Drafting Prose (Book Report Sample)


The collage is in drafting style. It's a record of ideas. Your job is to do your best to convert the draft for presentation as a report. We will do this in two steps. The first step is due Monday. 
1. Write three points that you can make based on the collage you have received.
2. Rebuild the collage as a report:
Remove beast words(it seems...I think...I believe...anything unnecessary for reader.)that is, rewrite based on fact, not on personal opinion. 
Rewrite sentences to be as clear as possible
Introduce and cite sources used by the collage
3. Add anything new that you need to make your points.
4. Add a title that does work--that is, the title makes one of your key points. 
So, not a title such as:
Systems of Survival
But rather:
Contracts Create the Concept of Personal Rights


Rebuilding drafting prose
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Rebuilding drafting prose
Interpretation of operation rights versus law in the United States
Rights serve to give freedom of operation in a particular field. Every country has rules and regulations that govern and serve to control its citizens and the resources it possesses. It is within the powers of a state to exercise justice for everything and everyone under its authority. A country's economy is contributed by the public sector that is the government and private sector doing businesses. Each of these has their interests that can conflict with the others and thus need for control mechanisms. Businesses operate on morals of honesty, collaboration and avoidance of force while government values comprise of prowess, loyalty, and vengeance.
Rights are defined based on the nature of operations undertaken
Jane Jacobs in systems of survival, talks of Moral Syndromes and Contractual Vs Hierarchical Law. She makes comparisons between the government and private sector operations and what each upholds as values. The government morals serve to protect its boundaries even if they seem to be questionable in the eyes of the common man. An example of this is a soldier who is granted the rights to operate on grounds of shooting to kill the countryâ€&tra...
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