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City of Ember (Book Report Sample)


Picture of Past: The author never explain what happened to cause the builders to create Ember. Create and illustrate a timeline that features events that might have made it necessary for a community to move underground. 
Ask the Author: If you had a chance to interview Jeanne DuPrau, the author of City of Ember, What question would you ask her? Write at least ten questions, then visit her website and try answer your questions!
Create Contest: Develop a jeopardy game based on the book. The categories could include " Education in Ember," " Electricity and the Pipework's" " Doon's Research," and " Lina's Adventure's."
Each categories should have three questions.
Pick a Problem: Ember has many problems, running low on resources, occasional epidemic, unreliable power supply, corruption in governmental leadership, and educational system does not encourage creativity or intellectual growth. Select one of these problems, or one of your own and write a report. The report should define the problem and how it is harming the population, and include at least three possible solutions to the problem.
Summary Timeline: Create and illustrate a five part timeline of the book that includes summaries of the five most important events in chronological order. Include detail pictures that help to show what happened at each event. 
Chapter 21: As you may know, City of Ember is the book in trilogy. Imagine you are chosen to write the next book in the series. Write the first chapter of the book. What happens to Lina and Doon? What does Mrs. Murdo choose to do? What happens to Ember? Make sure to write your chapter in a template that looks how pages in the book would look.


The City of Ember
The City of Ember is a book that highlights on the issues that are facing the society. This comprises the atrocities that are eating up the society. The builders of the city put a secret that should be opened after a period of 200 years. The secret box is only given to the mayor of the city and the mayor is supposed to give it to his successor after he finishes his term. The city faces a number of problems but the main problem is that the city is facing a lot of corruption that is hindering the development of the city.
Corruption is any form of theft that one may use in order to take advantage of others or in order to have material gain. In the City of Ember corruption is rampant and common among the leaders especially the mayor of the town is involved in many cases of corruption. This corruption is the one that has made the city to lag behind over many years as it is like a disease that eats the society generation after generation (Kenan, 2004). There are many instances where the mayor is involved with corruption, for instance when the mayor decides to hold canned food in order to gain access and control of the city when people will be experiencing hunger and famine. This is a big form of corruption and greed that the mayor portrays as food is considered to be a basic need and thus it shows that the mayor was colors when he decides to hold food as the people in the town had no access to none....
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