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Blanchard and Johnson's 'One Minute Manager' (Book Report Sample)

The One Minute Manager by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson, William Morrow & Company, any edition (ISBN 0-688-01429-1). In addition to a synopsis, your review should also include an evaluation and comments by you as to the merits of the book for a management class. source..

Book Review:
Blanchard and Johnson`s "One Minute Manager;
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Book Review:
Blanchard and Johnson`s "One Minute Manager;
Recent times have seen to the greater awareness on the significance of management and leadership in the success of organizations and businesses. Indeed, although leaders - and leadership - have long been acknowledged in establishing civilizations and developments, the concept of management has only been truly acknowledged and studied in recent years. This is especially true in the case of the distinction between management and leadership, wherein one concept does not necessarily equate to the other.
Management has indeed come a long way from its earlier days, and the literatures exploring it have become so numerous. One of these literatures is Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson`s book entitled, "One Minute Manager;. This book provides a discussion on three one-minute techniques that the manager can use in increasing his/her effectiveness, as well as that of his/her followers. In relation, this paper will look into an assessment of the said book, especially in terms of its usefulness for the study of management.
This assessment will be conducted by first presenting a summary and synopsis of the contents of the book, followed by the evaluation and appraisal of the book. More specifically, the book will be evaluated based on its content and usefulness, as well as on its outline, form, and chapters. The merits as well as the disadvantages of the book for a management class will be analyzed in this paper. Finally, overall comments on the usefulness of book will be provided at the latter end of this paper. More importantly, this paper will attempt to prove that the book by Blanchard and Johnson (1985), "One Minute Manager;, is an interesting read and an effective resource for a management class.
The book by Blanchard and Johnson involves three techniques that effective managers use. These techniques involve, a) one-minute goals; b) one-minute praises; and c) one-minute reprimands. The authors argue that all of these techniques take only one minute to be completed, but their effects and benefits are lasting. These techniques were provided to the reader in the form of a parable or story. The said story involves one troubled young manager, who hears of another manager who is so effective and successful that this manager has much time to spare. The young and problematic manager contacts the other more effective manager and it is through their conversations that the secret of the successful One Minute Manager is revealed, which are the three techniques that were provided earlier.
Firstly, one-minute goals or one-minute goal-setting is made possible with a clear statement of the definition what is good behavior, under the premise that good performance begins with good behavior. The One Min...
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