Causes And Effects Of Online Games (Essay Sample)

Causes and Effects of Online Games


Computer games are the famously known entertainment in the world today. The teenagers of today have fallen in the trap of online video gaming since it is addictive and can become more addictive if not properly taken care of. The reason for this addiction is because the computer programmers have created the games in such a way that in each attempt to finish a certain level in the game, creates the desire to continue playing. Computer games originally started in the year 1972. It started with pang which was a computer tennis game that was later developed into a software program. Up to date various varieties of computer games have been established and in the near future it is unpredictable of how the online gaming industry will be. Computer games are adversely used by the people in the adolescent stage. At this stage most teens are into gaming since to them it is fun and it’s a way of spending leisure time. However, in as much as one may say that computer games have positive effects, it also has side effects. There are several negative effects experienced when you get used to playing video games. This essay seeks to discuss about the causes and reasons of video gaming, positive effects, and negative effects especially in terms of addiction.

Causes of Continuous Online Gaming

The use of computer in almost every bit of life has been the major cause of the spread of online games. Computer applications in various fields including learning centers equipped with internet are things that have been the root of online games. Students of late use computers and laptops for learning. Since continuous reading of the school work has been tiresome to some of them, they have ended up spending time behind the screen just playing games. The young generation of today view gaming as fun and a good way of spending leisure time( Zamani, 2009). Computer games help one to relax his or her mind after long working hours. The use of computer is one of the causes of continuous gaming and later on forms an addictive behavior. The second cause of online games is desire to finish a given level. Online games were created in a way that each and every level has its own challenges to it is hard to proceed to the next level until one fully clinches to the top. Teenagers always desire to disapprove most things in life, and that is why they will play different games in order to finish the given levels. All this creates a sense of satisfaction and at the end one can spend a lot of time behind the computer just trying to finish a certain level. However, these causes of online gaming have led to positive and negative effects.

Positive Effects

The fact is online gaming is on an increasing note across nations in the world. One of the advantages of online gaming is that, one can access any online game when one’s computer is internet connected. The variety of games available enables one to choose what he or she is able to play. In nations where internet is broadband, online gaming has become the predominant entertainment. Also in some online games one can win instant cash when he wins a in a certain field of game. All this are positive achievements that the online platform has provided. Online gaming is significant to youths because, it occupies youth’s mind during leisure and helps them avoid getting into bad behaviors that might lead to their death( Arshi, 2017). For instance drug usage. Youths have been subjected to misuse of drugs and engaging in bad behaviors when they are stressed up. Spending time playing games is worth it than spending time misusing oneself in drugs and alcohol. Online games can also expand one’s knowledge and experience in the gaming field. When one becomes more knowledgeable on games, he may later on be creative and with capital, he can create games software of which it may bring cash. Lastly online games create competition and hence it boosts the memory and sharpness since online games are made of tricks which are hard to discover. Generally online games have positive effects to one’s mind and behavior but one should know that it has the side effects (Lin, 2012).

Negative Effects of Online Games

Online games impact one with negative behaviors as well as creating laziness to one’s body. Online gaming addiction basically involves one playing games uncontrollably for many hours without considering the priority things in life. One of the known addictions in online games is withdrawal from socializing with other people and social activities. People, who play computer games,usually hide away in their homes or in places where they can access internet. This form of withdrawal separates one from the rest and separates him or her from the social events. As times goes by one loses the sense of communication since the quality times are spend behind computer screen playing games. The effects that come with this isolation is evident enough in may online gamers. One well encountered effect is disruption from ones carrier. On can lose focus from studies when he engages much of his quality time in online games (Lin et al, 2013). Students perform poorly in their exams due to insufficient revision time. This effect extends to also the ones with working. However, many people have been able to cope up with gaming and work but to others it has become a great challenge. Balancing work and game addiction is very hard. This is a clear indication that online games are addictive. Another negative effect is that, online gaming can result to health and psychological problems. Staying in a fixed position without moving muscles makes the body lazy. Majorly it makes the body not to effectively function and operate since the muscles are not put into exercise leading to accumulation of fats in the body. All this problems are as a result of continuous playing of games without taking into consideration the requirements of the body. Online games have both positive and negative impact but one need to take caution of the time spent behind screen. Online games are fun and help us spend leisure time well, but one must embrace time for one to fully fit with the daily needs and activities


Online games have widely spread over the years. It one of the best entertainments that majority of youths and teens as well as middle aged people consider. Spending time to play a given game is not bad idea, but we should make priorities in our life first. When one has priorities in life gaming will be just a part time activity. Spending time gaming is better off than spending time misusing your body by using drugs. However one should take precautions before engaging in a gaming activity


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