Computer Application In Pharmacy (Essay Sample)

Application of Computer in Pharmacy

The world has seen various technological improvements since ancient times. With the introduction of computer and internet the world has eased several things which were hard to be done by human minds. In the modern world today, computers have advanced in their use since most of the activities today are done by use of computers. There has been an increasing trend in the discussion about the impact of computers. Though computers have and technology have brought bad behavior and a certain negative way of life in which young people spend their good time watch nude things and engaging in bad behaviors, I am convinced that computers have brought positive impact both to the human and the world in general. Specifically, in pharmacy, computers have eased the process of research carried out on various labs with scientists and as per now some countries have embraced the use of computer in every bit of medicine field. In Saudi Arabia, the use of computers in the health sector is evident enough since the Arabians have taken keen interest to achieve the principle of equality by ensuring that the rural areas also get access to a good health service. This has been achieved by use of computers. Specifically in pharmacy, computers have helped in labeling of drugs, control of drugs, recording of file and drug data. One needs to note that effective use of computers in pharmacy started in the late 1980s. From that time there has been an increased usage of computers in the field up to late. The field of pharmacy has greatly benefited from the use of computers. This essay seeks to describe the application of computer in the field of pharmacy as well as the importance of computers in pharmacy


In prescription, computers have eased the process of entering, patient’s name, doctor’s name, drug name, and the quantity of drugs, prescription number and in printing labels (Gounrey, 2014).  This is majorly done by computers in pharmacies. Furthermore there is e-prescription where, the information can be sent using a fast secured network in the pharmacy (Jadhav, 2011). In case a patient’s visits pharmacy for either reason, one’s profile can be easily created and stored for future reference. Prescription is one of the applications of computers and instead of using hand written documents which can be easily distorted it is best if one uses computer.

Communication and information

One of the greatest applications of computers in pharmacy is communication and passage of information. Communication can be achieved through emails, online communication with other pharmacy agencies and other internet based messaging system. Communication allows pharmacists and other staff to keep contact both within the pharmacy centre and outside pharmacy agents. Professionals can exchange pharmaceutical information with other pharmacy agents in other countries or of different place.

Patient management and counseling

Patient’s profile and management can be achieved easily by use of computers.  Information can be edited and updated in case there are new symptoms that might arise later. Incase also the patient needs counseling some days later the information kept in database can be retrieved easily. Pharmacist can be able to print out forms and handouts concerning counseling and make an invoice. All this hand outs may contain vital information concerning the medicines or even the patient can read issues concerning side effect or precautions. This helps in counseling the patient.  In management of patents, information concerning the patient is put in the database of the computer where, they can be retrieved, edited, changed, deleted or even audited with the help of computers. In turn management of patients record is eased since no one needs to keep old health records and be walking around with them but one can pull or retrieve the information easily by use of computer.

Computer Drug Design and Interaction

This is one of the applications of computers where, inventive process of discovering latest medication based on biological facts can be achieved by use of computers. Drug design is achieved by the help of computer software which is installed in the computers for easy access (Azdee, 2014). Some of the software includes HBS pharmacy software and Aterb pharmacy solution.  This software helps in drug design or sometimes called drug rational design. In drug interaction computer have aided to avoid confusion of drugs for instance in case a patients has received a certain medication, the next time incase other symptoms occur, he or she will be given drugs according to the previous medication. This eases the issues that might arise due to interaction of those drugs in the body of the patient.

Drug Research and Analysis

Computers are used in drug design and drug analysis. Research can be carried out in the field of pharmacy and analyzed easily before administration. This is an achieved by the help of computers and the software designed to perform the function. Research on various drugs can be carried out and the information got, be put to test and thereafter an analysis be carried out on the drugs. It is difficult to do all this without the help of computers. After the analysis, the drugs are given labels which could allow them easily accessed.

Importance of Computers in Pharmacy

Computers have been applied in pharmacy and as results one can notice their importance. computers have helped in, prescription, provision of receipt to the patient, generation of soft copy of transaction, printing of payment information and billing, preparation of annually payrolls of pharmacists, keeping drug data, indication or giving of back cord of drugs and data management (Heba, 2015). Doing all this activities in pharmacy has been eased by computers. Of late some countries have embraced the modern technology since they have discovered the efficiency of computers in pharmacy. In case a patient visits a pharmacy in hospital, he or she is sure that the details presented is well taken care of and can be retrieved at any time. The health sector now is doing well because of the new technology and the use internet-based computers in the pharmacy sector


Computers have been now and then advanced and new software has been discovered hence eases the challenges faced in the health sector. The new generation of computers have greatly and positively impacted the efficiency and running of pharmacies. The world today can share information concerning various drugs in the health sector by the help of computers. This in turn saves lives in the process.



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