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Writing Assignment: Final Letter to the Instructor (Article Sample)


I am not sure that Letter style is APA or other.
There are 4 essays in this class. I attach the essays below. Also, these 3 essays are wrote by this website's writer.
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2.Summary & Strong Response-------Order number is 00050865
3.Personal Narrative (This one is wrote by myself)
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Unit 15: Assignment -- Final Letter to the Instructor
Write a 2-3 page letter to the instructor, which includes your own analysis of your work in this class.
You may discuss any of the following in this letter:
* Your strengths and weaknesses as a writer, and how these may have changed or your awareness of these may have been altered.
* The essay that you are most pleased with
* The essay that you are least pleased with
* The difficulty level of the various essays you completed for this class
* The format of this class
* The quality of lecture notes, instructor feedback on papers, and other materials
* The helpfulness of the textbook
Though this letter is to be addressed to the instructor, the real point of this paper is for you to reflect on this semester--how the course did (or did not) help you grow as a writer--and prepare yourself for other writing assignments you may have in the future.
Unit 15: Lecture Notes
This letter should provide a sense of closure on the semester and a forum for you to think about the course and your writing in the future.
As noted in the assignment portion, you have many options in terms of the focus of this letter. You may discuss any of the options listed (under “Assignment”), or a combination of several of those options, in your 2-3 page letter.
The following is a student example of the Letter to the Instructor:

Dear Sheyene,
Over the course of the semester, we have studied a variety of styles of writing, from the perspective paper to the
research paper, from the personal narrative to summary/strong response. Now is the culmination point of all our hard work
over the last seven weeks. I believe my perspective paper, my research paper, and my personal narrative were my three best
works of the semester. I hope that have given you a sense of who I am as a writer and a person, because if there is no life, no
soul to my writing, then it is nothing but a bunch of words splashed on paper.
The first paper I will discuss is my perspective paper. Our assignment was to find a place on campus and just take
twenty to thirty minutes to record observations about our place. I'm very happy with the way this piece turned out. I tried to
use many action verbs, like in the phrases: “the graceful animal leaps high into the air” and “the brown, parched grasses
helplessly reaches skyward.” I wanted action verbs in my descriptions so that readers could actually hear the birds chirping
and feel the heat of this sun beating down on their necks. I also wanted to incorporate all the tools of the Writer's Toolbox,
especially figurative language. I used similes to make comparisons between what I was seeing and other, finer aspects of life.
For instance, “Insects create beautiful music with their buzzes and chirps; it is like that are playing in an orchestra.”
The second part of the perspective paper was the rhetorical analysis. I found this part to be fairly easy because I
understand my writing and am able to explain what I am doing. Basically, we were supposed to talk about the specific
elements of the five rhetorical tools that we used in our descriptions. I have had a lot of practice in this form of writing, in the
English classes I took during high school, so I think this turned out very well. The two descriptions of my place incorporate
some of the exact same details, but give them in a completely different light and create the opposite impressions, as outlined in
the assignment. I also think my rhetorical analysis is very concise in explaining the techniques I used in my writing and how I
was able to create the intended feelings in the reader.
The next paper I am proud of is my research paper. Of all the assignments this semester, the Explaining a Concept
Research Paper was the most inherently difficult to complete. I started off with the topic of Pez candy, but I had to scrap that
topic almost immediately because of an utter lack of information regarding the topic. Next, I tried golf balls, but again, there
was no information to be discovered. Thank goodness I heard a couple of guys at the video store talking about the party they
were going to over the weekend, or I never would have decided on a topic. The thought of partying college students prompted
me to settle on the topic of binge drinking. As can be imagined, there was a plethora of information on this topic, so much so
that I had to narrow the focus of my paper and be very selective in choosing my sources.
Upon narrowing my focus to binge drinking on college campuses, I found information regarding several studies done at
college campuses around the country, and a specific study done at Northern Illinois University. These sources gave me the
usual percentages of student who binge drink and the effects of binge drinking on the college as a whole. But the interesting
fact I found was that the actual percentages of binge drinking students are much less than perceived. The study done at
Northern Illinois distinctively determined the cause of this discrepancy comes from the idea that “everyone is doing it” and
students get pressured into drinking from this outlook by “imaginary peers.” Overall, I think I did a nice job of combining all
the information I gathered into one united piece of writing.
The last essay I'd like to discuss is my personal narrative, detailing a significant time in my life. I chose basketball
tryouts my eighth grade year because that's when I discovered my true love of the game. Of all my work this semester, this
piece is my favorite. It's my favorite because the specifications of the assignment were pretty general. As long as the topic
somehow influence our lives, then it was acceptable. The rest of the paper was completely up to us as writers, and I seized the
opportunity to allow my personality and unique writing style show through. I used dialogue between characters a lot to help
move the story along, I give just enough background information to set up the scenario, and I reflect on the situation without
giving the corny “From this experience, I learned . . . “ that we've all seen a million times. Overall, I really liked out this piece
turned out.
To sum it up, this has really been a great class to take my first semester back in school. It got me back into the flow of
writing after being idle for several years, and now I feel ready to tackle bigger and better things. I also learned a lot about
myself as a writer, improved my transitions, and learned how to really “show” a reader in my writing instead of just “telling”
them. I truly enjoyed this class and feel it was a great benefit to me. Thank you for your time.
Jason Smith
1.Point of View
Pleasant Description of Andover Central Park
It was a splendid evening I spent cheerfully at Andover Central Park, Kansas. Although alone, I did not feel solitude. The lake, at the centre of the park, gave me company; each wave murmured in my ears in ancient voice only water could speak. The fish were dancing with joy, in complete irreverence to those humans who came to catch them. The air I inhaled pleased my lungs and heart as I was roaming around the lake like a curious child. I could not understand why I felt like being secretly caressed by unknown angels as the day was slowly fading away. A goose came close to me and flapped its wings as if acknowledging our old friendship. Delighted as I was, I whistled joyously once, gently enough not to trouble even a leaf.
Unpleasant Description of Andover Central Park
What a gloomy evening! Andover Central Park was bored of my presence. I too did not find anything likable there. The lake looked depressed. The waves were hesitant and reflected stillness. The fish were swimming cautiously as if scared of the humans around. I felt that the air was heavy as I treaded carefully, like an alien among zombies, detached from the environment and waiting for something inauspicious. The dilapidated canopy of the trees looked like sorrow outsourced from hell. A goose stared at me, from a distance, shivering its wet feathers. It might have wanted to fly away from the park. To avenge its displeasure, the goose spread its poop on the walking lanes. I too felt an urge to fly away quietly, leaving no traces.
Rhetorical Analysis of Pleasant Description
I used the words like ‘splendid, cheerfully, dancing and joy' to create a pleasant sensation. The contradiction ‘being alone but not feeling solitude' helped to emphasize how good I felt being at the Park. I also attributed my joy to other beings such as fish. Fish being not vary of humans denotes explicit optimism over pessimism. The simile of a curious child amplifies my pleasant feelings of the park. The expression that I don't know why I caressed by angels makes my feelings look authentic and genuine. The paragraph contains both short and long sentences to make the reading easy. The goose was used a symbol of friendliness and welcoming nature of the place. I also omitted any description of the goose poop although it was difficult to avoid noticing it.
Rhetorical Analysis of Unpleasant Description
The exclamation about the evening being gloomy helps to directly connect unpleasantness with the place. Saying that both the park and I were bored of each other enables amplifying of negative emotions. I again attributed a cautious attitude to fish and myself in order to associate the park with negative experience. Like an alien among zombies captures a mood of estrangement from the surroundings and also a sense of alienation from oneself. I use the metaphor ‘dilapidated canopy of the trees' to introduce a sense of decay and death forcefully to the landscape. The goose represented the desire to escape the place although being trapped there. I also showed that I identify with the desire of the goose to escape from the gloomy place. The sentence structure takes special care to emphasize that the negative feelings and emotions generated by the park were solid.
2. Summary & Strong Response
In “Children Need to Play, Not Compete” Jessica Statsky opposes children involvement in competitive sports. She provides broad points on the adverse effects competitive sports have caused towards children. She claims that children aged twelve and below that engages in sports such as baseball and football experience physical injuries such as strained arm and leg muscles, injuries that cause permanent injuries. She also argues that competitive sports for children are not ideal due to psychological issues it causes such as lack of enjoyment, fear of being hurt, fear of failure and stress of disappointing their parents, causing low-self esteem.
She also asserts that the pressure of winning and losing affect the development of children causing depression, when they recognize that adult's pride and happiness in them is pegged on their winning. She further claims that competitive sports for children displays the worst in people by parents fighting and insulting each other or coaches intimidating rival teams. She notes that worst of all, there are workshops on sports psychology yet nothing changes. Jessica concludes that sports programs need redesigning to emphasize on exercising, working together and performance of each child.
I concur with Jessica Statsky in “Children Need to Play, Not Compete.” She employs her immense knowledge and authority into supporting her thesis and presents logic arguments to the discussion. First, I agree with the writer's premise of competitive sports being selective. As an individual who was considered physically weak and always picked last in gym, competitive sports portrayed selectiveness where best sporty kids mattered while those with the potential to become excellent players but no skills were left out. Funny enough more students with the potential have ended up as professional players. Competitive sports always look forth the best, and in the process ends up discouraging and developing low-self esteem in children who believe when they told they are not good enough to compete in sports.
I agree with her allegation that competitive sports elicit intense pressure for the children. In sporting activities where the result is losing or winning, the pressure to win is intense and heavily pushed by parents and coaches alike. Moreover, the tendency of adults in such sporting activities to associate their approval and support through winning makes sporting events less fun and stressful. As a result, children are reluctant to play; they develop stress and boredom, as they do not want to be a disappointment. Thus, lose trust in themselves when defeated.
Jessica's authority and knowledge in this topic are immense, thereby eliciting my agreement with her. First, she developed an informed and clear thesis. By outlining physical and psychological effects of this type of play, concentrating her article on children aged below twelve years and providing many supporting points to this effect clearly describes her knowledge of the topic.
Secondly, she elicits the help of professionals to support her argument. She begins by outlining her arguments and then delves into supporting them through the inclusion of various experts. First, is Thomas Tutko, a psychology professor and an author who in-depth explains why competitive sports result in the development of fear of injuries and draining of children's fun. Martin Rablovsky, an ex- sports editor of the New York Times, explained that children who play competitive sports experience unhappiness, and tend to fake illnesses to avoid playing.
Thirdly, I agree with Jessica's assumptions due to her extensive use of examples that resonate with me. For example, children fake injuries to avoid playing and enjoying sitting on the bench more that when in the field are common ideas I used in high school and commonly utilized by children.
Despite the competitiveness nature of the world today, I agree with Jessica's assertion that competitive sports for children aged below twelve years old affect their development negatively.
3. Personal Narrative
Can you imagine how excited I was when I traveled to a country with completely different culture and languages. Driving around the United States alone is what I have always wanted to do for I want to experience the local culture of the United States. I came to the United States last May, but I had difficulties in communication. However, it could not stop that I want to drive around the United States alone. Because I am sure the trip would gave me different feelings and experience.
I spent a month on traveling around the southeastern of the United States last Christmas break, and I went 16 cities in 10 states. I used the Couchsurfing to find hosts. The Couchsurfing is like Airbnb, but Couchsurfing is free. People, who use the Couchsurfing, like to meet new people and give travelers free lodging. This trip I only spent $ 800, and the main cost was gasoline. Sometime, it was not easy to find a nice places to stay. For example, I did not find my host in Miami until 9 pm, and he is a nudist. I thought it was a different experience to talk to nudists. When I came to his house he did not wear any clothes, and he also gave me a big hug. Based on courtesy, I was also naked. He prepared a delicious meal for me, but when I was going to sit down and enjoy the meal, I suddenly thought how many nudists were seated at the chair. He is a very friendly and enthusiastic person, and I am very happy to meet him. He gave me super different memories.
Moreover, there are many interesting things on this trip. For example, I was sleepless often because of driving, so I kept eating cookies to make me clear-headed. Also, I turned on the music to very loud, and I imagined I were a crazy singer. I began to shake my head and body. One thing happened. A car was passing my car, and there are two boys set inside. They opened their mouth and eyes looked at me. After that, when I wanted to be a crazy singer, I need to pay attention on whether there are other vehicles around me. Until now, I haven't forgotten the two boy's surprising expression. Another interesting thing was happened in Miami, I went to the nightclub with other four couchsurfers who traveled to the Miami. One of the boys proposed to change a nightclub, but we found out it is a gay club when we came there. There were few men looking at me and touching my body. This was a very special experience because if he did not take us to gay nightclub, I thought I would never go to a gay nightclub.
In this trip, I met a variety of people, and I realized my ability is obviously not enough. Most of them are multilingual, and they have a very clear future plan with their special skill. As a common saying goes, "Traveling brings about far greater benefit than mere book learning." Since this trip, I understand about the culture of the United States much better than before. Also, I don't know how tiny I am until I saw the world. Therefor, I am planning that driving around the United States of northeastern states. The United States has been deeply attracted me for beautiful scenery, friendly people and diverse culture.


Reflective Letter as a Writer
Date of submission
Reflective Letter as a Writer
Dear Professor,
Initially, I undervalued myself as a writer before joining the class. I had no idea of one time becoming a good writer at the beginning of the semester. I remember driving across the USA towns and streets enjoying the lovely culture and environment. However, the main drawback for my full adventure was poor under communication due to the lack of mastery of the English language. As I enrolled for the English language, I was determined to be a writer one day. I first language paper was pathetic and I still keep on reminding myself of the kind of poorly connected sentences in that piece of work. However, things have now changed for the better. I have learned a lot during the semester especially on communication and writing skills. Thus, now I am a good writer. Besides, knowing communication and writing I have mastered the dos and don'ts of the writing process. It is true that initially, I could not tell my strengths and weakness in writing though I enjoyed all the reading assignments in class. These assignments mostly composed of the basics for good writing skills which I followed each and every time. I could not shy away from referring to the different procedures and instructions provided since I still had low command on writing skills.
I was assigned to a group discussion team whereby we used to read each others' papers and note the different mistakes as well as providing the relevant solutions to those mistakes. This group, in particular, was of great help since it made me realize my keenness and fluency in reading as one of the key strengths. However, I could not forget to carry my hand dictionary that was a reference source for new words and those with complex spelling and meaning that I was unable to comprehend. In addition, the peer responses that I used to receive were encouraging and enable me to correct the numerous mistakes I could ...
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