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Science Fiction Short Story Related To A Black Hole (Article Sample)


This is a science fiction short story related to a black hole.


Science fiction short story related to a black hole
Science fiction short story related to a black hole
There was something creepy about the dark, dense forest behind my house. Perhaps, it was the shadows, or the swaying bushes and enormous trees that produced a whistling sound every time there was heavy wind; or the dense misty atmosphere; maybe the imaginary creepy creatures that had unimaginable forms and the creeping noise that came from these woods. The immense darkness in bright daylight would give any of us bumpy goosebumps and I was sure this was the beginning of why my cousins and I dared not go to any camps in there.
When we were young, my cousin and I used to visit my extended family in Knoxville, TN. At that time we would live in a one really large house that had a huge backyard which led to the deep, dense forest. Not once had I seen any of my elder relatives getting deeper into the woods and none of us had ever had a crazy idea of getting into the woods anyway. However, every time I visited my grandmother, there was a curious feeling that made me feel I needed to get into these woods and discover what it was all about, however, I was afraid to do it alone. I wondered how I would convince my three cousins Jane, Josh, and James. I waited for the next December holiday and let the cat out of the bag.
No sooner had I mentioned this idea to all of them, had I realized that all of us had the hunger and the anxiety to know why these woods were feared, rather avoided. We were determined to unravel the mystery. Three days and three nights, we spent, looking and studying closely what these woods were all about. Every night, we noticed something strange on one of the tallest trees. At exactly 11.55 to about 12:55, we noted random flashes of bright white light, as if there was a welding activity going on. The noises from the creepy animals in the wood would get louder, and the laughing hyenas would not stop until this flashes of lights died down completely. This was weird, and we agreed to carry out an investigation. Of course, every one of us was excited. It felt like an adventure we needed so badly that the blood in our veins pumped so hard with anxiety. Immediately these flashes of light died down; we could not sleep. Instead, we had to have a meeting of how we were going to solve this juicy mystery. Rashes of rain were heard against my grandmother's roof which had no ceiling.
Rainy seasons were the most dreaded times to be found in my grandmother's house. Every one of us feared the roaring lightning and the huge raindrops that fell on these iron sheets creating a frightening roar. Before it started raining cats and dogs, my three cousins and I gathered around the fireplace. None of our older relatives was interested in what we were discussing, except for my grandmother who would pass from the kitchen and look at us with the eyes that suggested she knew something was cooking. We needed a proper plan which would be best carried out in the afternoon. The heavier the rain got, the noisier it got that we were unable to

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