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Absurdism, Sociophobia, and Misanthropy (Article Sample)


1. The recessive personality starts when high school, during the pressures from school, the most troubling things come from yourself. Just like the book, the author of Human disqualification is slaughtering and governing, his experiences made his life. " For him, living on the world like a normal person, is enough to called him angel, because the existing of recessive personality"
2, So the point of this article is, Absurdism, Sociophobia and Misanthropy: Absurdism (Thinking the end of the world). Sociophobia (Does not trust the others and highly demanded from himself), Misanthropy (Lost help, hate to be a human being, sometimes feel sorry). Usually, human think when facing the depression, so simultaneously think that philosophy and depression has a strong relationship between.
3, The hypothetical on having those symptoms, writer using that way to let the audience know what is the pain and what is unacceptable in their own mind. Then encouraging and suggesting the others to overcome the difficulties. In the future of one's life, you will successfully meet a lot of new friends, and gain the support or comfort from them, and get in to a ideal college.


Absurdism, Sociophobia, and Misanthropy


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Absurdism, Sociophobia, and Misanthropy

Throughout life, different challenges that emerge make one to question the meaning of life. At the moment when one thinks that one has attained maximum happiness, something bad crops up and distort the whole happiness. It takes the strong ones to have the courage and pursue the meaning of life, bearing in mind that losing is inevitable. There are those who have studied very hard to get good grades and jobs but have ended up dying without enjoying the fruits of their work. Some parents have invested all their resources in educating their children but children have failed in life or turned to drugs. The above are just but a handful of examples of things that may make one question the meaning of life. Is life worth the effort that people give it? In response to this question, the society ends up having three types of people: absurdists, social phobic individuals, and misanthropists.

Nagel (1971) defined absurdity as a state of thinking about the end of the world and finding that nothing makes sense. An example is Dazai Osamu

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