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Cultural Transition of College Students Assignment (Article Sample)


Language should not be too complicated.
In this assignment, need to do two interview, and write a newspaper article
Attached file has an example from other student, in the past semester.
Exact topic is inside the attachment "Require from instructor" Pick the first topic
Maybe made up some conversation in the article (interview)
The interviewees are two girls, both are in American University, sophomore and living in same dorm, they both lived in Lenorad Hall when freshman, and Lenorad Hall is a typical American style dorm room, bathroom was shared and the room condition was good.
They now lived in East campus, federal hall, with own bathroom and the room is larger, and the condition is better than living in dorm.
Interview should represent or show a cultural difference between, but not too detail about cultural difference.
1. Ruoyun Wang, English name called Chelsea, major is Justice and Law, she is from ShanDongJiNan, China.
2. Chrissandra Jackson, major is Bio-chemistry, from Baltimore, Maryland.
The attached picture is a group photo

Cultural Transition of College StudentsNameInstitutional AffiliationDate
Cultural Transition of College Students
"From studying in the classroom, staying in the university halls, taking my meals at the cafeteria much more, and life at a sophomore in university is so different from the one that I used to lead while in China," says Ruoyun Wang who is studying Justice and Law at the University. Her experiences are also shared by her close friend Chrissandra Jackson who is studying Bio-Chemistry in the same institution. As I interview them they look so excited and they are so jovial.
Ruoyun Wang says that she came to the university a few years ago from her native home ShanDongJihan in China and she was assigned to stay at Lenorad Hall where they met with Chrissandra Jackson and became friends. Chrissandra Jackson hailed from Baltimore in Maryland. They are very jovial as they recount their experiences at the university. Ruoyun describes her first experiences while studying in America in just one word –uncertainty. She acknowledges that she was not sure about everything that she was doing. However, as time went by, she did away with the problem by interacting with the other students. By that time she says that she was not so proficient in English but the American friends would understand her.
On her side, Chrissandra shares the same but she later realized that she would bond well with students from her home country and she would feel at home given that they shared the same cultural aspects. "Within the first month, I had met over 20 frien...
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