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Press Release About Combat With Sweatshops (Article Sample)


ABC Co. Today Announces a New Policy to Combat Sweatshops

(Paragraph One) ABC Co., the country’s leading widget maker, is immediately beginning a new policy to assure that our suppliers are not operating sweatshops. While ABC Co. has never knowingly purchased goods from sweatshops, growing customer demand for sweatshop-free products is prompting this initiative. Under the new policy, all ABC Co.’s supplier contracts will include a Code of Conduct requiring suppliers’ manufacturing our products to pay their workers a living wage and provide them with acceptable working conditions. To make sure they are complying with the new Code, ABC Co. will send unannounced observers to supplier’s locations to monitor their performance in following these new standards.

(Paragraph 2)The problem of sweatshops has become a critical issue for many corporations. A sweatshop can be defined as ...

(Paragraph 3) Perhaps surprisingly, some economists actually endorse sweatshops. They contend(Paragraph 4) All agree that it is in the best interest of corporations and their customers that manufacturers
refrain from abusing their workers. So, ABC Co. is pleased to announce this new anti-sweatshopinitiative.

You only need to write paragraph 2&3 for this two pages article, begins the paragraphs directly use the sentences on the paper. And please format it as a press. Thank you!


Press Release About Sweatshops

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Press Release About Sweatshops

The problem of sweatshop has become a critical issue for many corporations. A sweatshop can be defined as a factory in which products are manufactured by workers who are exploited. Many affluent companies from economically developed countries are taking advantage of poor workers. Workers are forced to work for long hours in extremely poor environments while they receive less pay for the task done. Generally, sweatshop conditions include unsafe working conditions, a fast work pace, little or no time for meals, and abusive management from the employer (Veseth, 2002). The ABC company is willing to take extreme measures of disjointing from such corporations because they fail to adhere to the human labor rights. Nevertheless, corporations are not prepared to improve their labor standards and demand for better working condition in fear of losing control over the countries’ economy due to decreased profits (Veseth, 2002). However, in case the company makes design variations or increases the order, employees are obligated to work over time to meet the company’s deadlines. Sweatshops violate women’s rights globally. The activities in which sweatshop engages are unfair and disrespectful to human beings. ABC company is condemning sweatshops and the multinational enterprises that exploit workers for their own gain. The anti-sweatshops movements and trade union have joined forces to campaign against exploitation of workers in sweatshops. The poor working environments in sweatshops plants are not only tragic, but they are an insult to human dignity, and extensive abuse of human rights (Veseth, 2002). The ABC company is ready

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