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Reading Response. History Article Critique assignment (Article Critique Sample)


Primary Source Response Papers (350-400 words x 4)
• Primary sources are the nuts and bolts of history. Your job is to use the primary
source(s) for the lecture (choose any 4 lectures) to write three brief analytical paragraphs (properly footnoted) that make a concise historical argument about race in American history. The first paragraph will contain your thesis, the second your evidence, the last your conclusion.
• Things to consider: How does the document help us understand the period in which it was written? How does it help us understand the trajectory of race in American history? What can this document help you prove about the past? What conclusions can you draw? Focus on historical analysis, not summary.
• Use any relevant secondary reading(s) from the course to help you make sense of the primary source.
Reading for assignment: https://avalon(dot)law(dot)yale(dot)edu/19th_century/csa_scarsec.asp


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February 10, 2020
Reading Response
Pieces of literature written in the past, have always been some of the most crucial pieces in understanding both the past, present and future of the society. With it, historians and other scholars could deduce the existing state of affairs, not only using the contents of the paper, but also by analyzing the wordings, meanings, and even underlying symbols of the words of the document’s author. Accordingly, this article would try to conduct the same analysis using the article entitled ‘Confederate States of America - Declaration of the Immediate Causes Which Induce and Justify the Secession of South Carolina from the Federal Union’, which was written on December 24, 1860. All in all, the author of this article believes that regardless of the time (past, present, or future) the Constitution helps shape perception of the public and perceived violations of the supreme law of the land could lead to conflict and division among the society.

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