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Case Study 1 Calculations: Case Study 1 Calculations: Jamie Summers Case Study Karvonen formula. Calculate the client's target heart rate using the Karvonen formula. (Case Study Sample)


This section of your final exam provides you with an opportunity to apply all of the information you have learned throughout the course to the work that you will be doing as a certified professional.
You will be presented with two client profiles, and will be asked to design a 12-week periodized program for each client. In addition to describing the logistics of the program, you will also be asked to explain why you have designed the program the way that you have.
Approach these clients as you would approach a real-life situation. Your client should be able to take your program and put it into practice without having to contact you for explanation of what to do or why to do it.
Before you finalize your submission, make sure your program passes the following tests:
1. Is the training program that you are designing appropriate, safe, and effective for the client, given the client's physical abilities and primary goals?
2. Could you defend your program from a legal standpoint? Who would be held liable if your client was injured during training because of either lifting too much weight or exceeding a certain heart rate?
3. Is your program justifiable from a business standpoint? Are you professional with your current clients? Would they refer their friends, family, or colleagues to you based on the guidance that you provide in your program design?
4. Imagine that YOU are the paying client. Would you feel that your money was well spent if you were handed the training program/dietary recommendations?
Case Study 1
Calculations: Calculate the client's target heart rate using the Karvonen formula.
Training Program: Design a full 12-week periodized training program for the client described in the Client Profile. Be very specific as you design the training program. This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your full comprehension of the information and concepts discussed throughout the course. List the types of exercise, duration, sets, reps, rest intervals, and so on.
Include the following in your case study submission:
A description of your professional responsibilities as discussed in the stages of the drawing-in process (Unit 12)
Discussion of any fitness tests, methods of evaluation, and data collection used to assess and evaluate the client's needs
Specific conditions that you have identified in the client profile
A fully detailed 12-week comprehensive and periodized training program including specific exercises, sets, repetitions, suggested rest times, etc. Use an integrated approach in your program recommendations.
Specific and detailed nutritional strategies and an explanation as to how the strategies will assist the client in meeting energy needs
Explanation for your chosen assessment, programming, and nutritional recommendations. (Be sure to reference course concepts when discussing rationale for your recommendations.
Keep in mind that a client should be able to take your program and put it into practice without having to contact you to clarify what you intended by your recommendations or to explain parts of your program.
Don't forget your explanation for WHY you listed and recommended what you did. Reference the concepts and theories covered in the course. Be sure to address why the program and exercises recommended are appropriate for the specific client given the client's history, current abilities, and intended goal(s). For example: if you are developing a program for a beginner client without any resistance training experience, explain how your program addresses the lack of experience, initial need for foundational development, process by which you would safely progress the client, etc. Tying your program to course concepts is a critical component of your case study.

Review the Client Profile below.
Client Profile: Jamie Summers
Age: 53
Gender: Female
Resting Heart Rate: 90 bpm
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 165 lb
Body Fat Percentage: 35%
Background and Goals: Jamie is a working mother of three teenagers. She has not been consistently active for many years. She was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure, which is likely caused by her high-stress corporate job and physical inactivity. She also has an affinity for processed and sugary foods. Jamie was recently told by her doctor that she needs to start exercising, eating better, and just simply taking better care of herself or else she is on her way to additional health problems. Jamie will be attending her oldest daughter's high school graduation in three months and wants to use the event as a goal date in which to make significant progress in her health.


Jamie Summers Case Study
Author Name
Institutional Affiliation
An Overview of the Case
The name of my client is Jamie Summers. She is a 53-year-old working woman with three teenagers. For many years, the client has not been active, and now her goal is to improve her lifestyle. For this purpose, she will have to do exercises and eat healthy food. She has told me that she was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure. She has had been having a lot of sugary foods. In three months now, Jamie Summers is going to attend her oldest daughter’s high school graduation. She has come to me because she wants to shed extra pounds and to come back to a normal and healthy life. I provided her with a questionnaire as I wanted to know more about her day-to-day activities. Based on this information, I will develop a fitness program and will ensure that the client visits my clinic as well as the gym five days a week (Monday to Friday).
I am now going to calculate Jamie Summers’ target heart rate using the Karvonen formula.
220-age (53) - RHR 90 X (E.I) 0.70 + RHR 90=144bpm (maximum heart rate)
(Intensity of exercise) X 0.85=155bpm (maximum heart rate)

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