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An Analytical Assessment Of The Production Meaning Of Certain Meaning (Article Critique Sample)


You will write a brief reflection on the paper you have peer reviewed. Using specific quotations and drawing evidence from text, explain how this paper meets or does not meet the criteria established in the peer review chart. What could the writer do to improve?
The essay I attached is an essay written by my classmate. Your job here is to write a critique on this essay. Thank you!


Essay critique
Essay critique
The essay expounds on the social constructivism lens research focusing on the historical and cultural production of meaning within the societal content. The essay provides an analytical assessment of the production meaning of certain meaning through the representation of snake on Disney media and its possible consequences in the development of various attitudes towards the expressed creatures. The analytical structure of this articulation has an interdisciplinary approach combining the techniques and theories of cultural studies, ecocriticism and film studies. The purpose of this essay is to provide a critique of the peer-reviewed article.
In my entire assessment and analysis of the essay, I concur with the style and the methodology used in performing the research. I prefer the application of the representation of animals within the films since it support and enhance ecological diversification in society. The research would intensify cultural studies, which is a determining factor in culture definition challenging the ideological worldviews of the research scholars such as John story and Mathew Arnold. The research focuses on the cultural studies and its influence on the current society which I support for its in elucidating the youth in various important perspectives in relation to society through media sensitization importance. I agree to a given extent of democratization of the cultural studies as an academic discipline within the society involving human environmental relationships within different perspectives. The democratization of the cultural studies such as the social constructivism involves the cultural meaning emanating from the production, circulation, and the consumption of their meanings. Alternatively, the study cannot determine that exposure to negative media portrayals of snakes including the ones existing in the Disney films, led to the development of these adverse attitudes, as documented by the herpetology professionals.
The depiction of the animal such as a snake in the film represents the friendliness of to the environment and the human-animal connections. Although the sample is small, it does include all of the Disney features that revealing the snake aspects within eit

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