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The Benefits of Nonhuman Animal Research (Research Paper Sample)


The title is not necessarily required to be what I wrote here. It depends what the paper is about.


Non-Human Animal Research
Non-Human Animal Research
Non-human research has played a significant role in the medical field through the understanding and development of remedies for different diseases. Non-human animals are important for use in such studies that deal with diseases because of the evolutionary history of the organisms (Saunders & Luck, 2016). For example, researchers tend to use monkeys because the ancestral origin of the animals is the same as of human beings. Other suitable animals are mice and rats for the same reason. The similarities in references are in terms of the functionality of body parts such as the brain, and information processing in the memory. Scientists choose animals whose processes are similar to the systems in humans. The choice allows the scientists to conduct experiments that would be impossible to try on human beings. In addition, the scholars can obtain a deeper understanding of the complex processes in human bodies. Despite the possession of common characteristics, the researchers modify each species genetically to fit every ecological environment used in the studies. The essay provides an elaborate understanding of non-human research in terms of the benefits, ethical implications of stopping psychological research on animals, and suggests a potential hypothesis experiment on ethical conduct in the care and use of nonhuman animals in research.
The Benefits of Nonhuman Animal Research
The use of nonhuman animal research has proven to be beneficial in several ways. First is the discovery of multiple modes of treatment (Brønstad et al., 2016). An example of such is the discovery of medications for use in the treatment of high blood pressure, and the use of vaccines for prevention of illnesses. Another example is the discovery of a method for brain stimulation in people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease. The stimulation helps to reduce the effects of the disease. Such discoveries have played a significant role in the development of science by enabling medical practitioners to reduce the pain associated with illnesses in patients, and to increase the life span of individuals by curing diseases that were previously fatal (Slater et al., 2016). The second significant contribution of non-human animal research is provision of a better understanding of the brain (Brønstad et al., 2016)

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