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Unit Review (Article Critique Sample)

Dear Writer, 1)Clarify the major themes and ideas discussed in the attached references files. 2)Put these ideas in a coherent order. 3)Make the writing clear, accurate and thorough. 4)Make the sentences simple, short and direct. Best Wishes. source..

Unit Review
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(15, November, 2010)
Unit Review
The paper is a unit review of "Shriver 2010 Biological Anthropology Core Class Lectures;. The main themes and ideas in the article include; what good is genetics to an anthropologist, genetics, genetics and genomics, the geographic and genomic distributions of genetic variability, measuring and mapping normal variation; skin color and facial features genetics and new data and methods.
Genetics is important to anthropologists as it help them comprehend various aspects of evolution as well as human biology, establish prehistoric migration patterns, identifying genes that impact on certain traits, approximate how closely related genetic is to fossil DNA and sequencing extinct species of human race. It is also used in archaeology through analysis of fossil DNA, better analysis of bioarchaeological trait data among others.
Genome constitutes DNA, genes, forensic evidence, evolutionary record, genetic markers and chromosomes. Genetic is the study of inheritance and constitute population, developmental, molecular, genomics as well as evolutionary genetics.
DNA is made up of four bases which are A, T, C and G. A pairs with T while C pairs with G. Similarly purines A and G and pyrimidines C and T. Chemical synthesis, replication of life and divergence and evolution are DNA replication. DsDNA stability is influenced by sequence, temperature as well as other buffer compositions. DNA usually melts and renatures, it follows this; dsDNA-ssDNA-dsDNA. It is worth remembering that ssDNA renaturatuion depends on time, complexity and concentration. Complexity of the genome is measured by the Cot. Genomic sequence is separated by ce...
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