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Article Critique Assignment: Quebec Mosque Shooting (Article Critique Sample)



            Article Critique: Quebec Mosque Shooting Name Institutional Affiliation                       Article Critique: Quebec Mosque Shooting Paul Newton, Julia Jones and Holly Yan of CNN in the article “Quebec mosque shooting: 'Lone wolf' kills 6, officials say” report on one of the recent acts of terror reported in 2017. The terrorist act which targeted Muslim faithful in the Quebec City Mosque, Canada, took place on 30th January 2017, following the publication of the article. The attack is unique, in the sense that most attacks in the past targeted non-Muslims. The incidence has attracted attention beyond Canadian borders, in a dark political atmosphere regarding terrorism and Islam in the western world. This is a review of the article as it appeared on The authors assume a historical documentation of events, by reporting the latest development regarding the attacker. Earlier on, there was speculation that the attack was carried out by two individuals. The authors apparently bring out the changes in reporting concerning the number of shooters involved in the tragedy. By citing a considerably unclear source "authorities", the authors strongly resonate that the incident was carried out by a single shooter. However, that goes undoubted, considering the number of people the other sources of information cited and quoted throughout, as one reads through. I highly credit the depthless journalistic research carried out by the edition team. A striking example is the level of information that article manages to inform the reader. It is ev...
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