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Sanctuary City: Sanctuary Citys Accusation Of 'Betrayal (Article Critique Sample)


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Article Critique
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Article Critique
Article Critique: Almasy, S. & Moshtaghian, A. (2017). ICE disputes sanctuary city's accusation of 'betrayal.' CNN. Retrieved from
The authors report on the issue of the Santa Cruz police and its people being angry with the actions taken by the feds during a raid. They are mad at the feds for arresting undocumented immigrants while on a separate mission. The Santa Cruz police claim that they only agreed to the plan for DHS to carry out the raid with the condition that undocumented immigrants are not arrested. However, the feds went ahead and arrested eleven people to which they claim were detained because of immigration violations. The city mayor supports the arguments presented by the Santa Cruz police, arguing that the detention of the immigrants violated the trust of the Santa Cruz’s people. However, ICE counters this by stating that the city’s response was intertwined with politics. The article efficiently employs the persuasion methods and emphasis to influence the reader, but indicates a bias in their document.
The authors make use of the appeal techniques to convince the reader about their position. Pathos is widely employed in the text with the aim of evoking emotional feelings and understanding the perspective of the Santa Cruz residents. First, the introduction sets the mood of the paper; the authors begin by stating Sanctuary City officials are “angry”, creating interest and also eliciting feelings. Secondly, the authors achieve this by quoting statements given by the various interviewees that contain words that evoke emotions. For instance, “This betrayal of trust,” “I am disgusted,” and “Utter disregard and defiance,”, which makes the audience feel the anger and frustration of Santa Cruz’s people. The writers manage to persuade the reader to side with the residents of Santa Cruz in rallying against the fe...
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