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Why Experts Say Theres No Such Thing As Humane Execution (Article Critique Sample)


Article Critique: Incorporate both of these articles on the problems that the American Justice system is having with the death penalty. Should America be listening to Europe on the subject of banning the death penalty?


Why experts say there is no such thing as 'humane' execution
Why experts say there is no such thing as 'humane' execution
The antiquity of the death execution is long and cruel. The execution dates back from the period of stoning and crucifixion to today’s means of the electric chair and lethal injection. The most common way of execution amongst countries with the criminal execution is lethal injection, which is authorized by 35 states. Few states carry on executions by use of methods such as electrocution, gas chambers, hanging, and firing squads. While most of the free nations have eliminated human execution, numerous states within the United States continue with execution of criminals in their criminal systems. In 1972, the United States Supreme Court adjourned the administration of the death penalty, after discovering it was unconstitutional since it was imposed wrongfully on minorities and the unfortunate. The ban was short-lived. The Court agreed on new laws in 1976, and government-supported killings recommenced. The America Justice system faces many critics from experts since they believe there is no such thing as ‘humane’ execution.
The America Justice system faces stiff opposition from experts. Experts oppose the idea of ‘human’ execution since they believe there is nothing humane with taking another person’s life. One of the main issue presented by experts is the procedural disaster associated with death executions. Executioners execute criminals in the United States by various methods. Only a few jurisdictions that allow the prisoner to select the method they prefer. The traditional method of execution, hanging, is one of the options that may turn out to be dreadful. Death on the gallows can easily fail when the drop is too short; this can result in a slow and painful death by strangulation (Grinberg, 2015). If the drop is long than the standard size, the head will be torn off. In the firing squad method, executioners tie a prisoner to a chair; a target is then pinned to the chest, and the unit fires several rounds toward the criminal. Moreover, in electrocution, when the switch is on, the body strains, shaking as the voltage is altered. Regularly, smoke rises from the head producing an awful odor of burning flesh.<...
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