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Kenya Dadaab Refugee Camp Research Assignment (Article Critique Sample)




Kenya Dadaab Refugee Camp
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Kenya Dadaab Refugee Camp
The article in the CNN News by Hilary Clarke, Farai Sevenzo, and Deborah Bloom is on the subject of the recent court ruling on the closure of the Dadaab refugee camp. On 9th February 2017, a Kenyan court issued a ruling blocking the government from shutting down the Dadaab camp (world's largest refugee camp) which hosts refugees from Somalia. The government was planning to shut down the camp in a few days and was not pleased with the court ruling bowing to appeal the court's decision. While delivering the ruling, the judge cited that the move by the government violated the constitution (Clarke, Sevenzo, & Bloom, 2017). The government's move was motivated by the intelligence reports that indicated that al-Shabaab terrorists used the camp as a hiding place as they prepared to execute attacks in various parts of the country.
The article starts off with a good headline "Kenya to appeal court block on the closure of world's largest refugee camp." The headline summarizes the main point of the story and informs the reader of what to expect in the entire article (Clarke, Sevenzo, & Bloom, 2017). It is a captivating headline that makes the reader curious to know what is between the lines. The phrase "world's largest camp" makes the article more attractive to any audience who would wish to familiarize with what is happening around the world. The headline is comprehensive and entails the main message in the article.
The article is broad enough to inform the reader of finer details of the matter being reported. The article provides the background information that is essential in understanding the subject of the paper. The authors goes a great depth in highlighting more information related to the subject to educate the reader on other matters related to the subject matter such as effects of Trump's travel ban on refugees in the camp, the drought situation in Somalia where the refugees are to be sent to and the human rights views on the matter. The article is elaborative, and the reader can get a snapshot of the situation surrounding the refugees, how they came to the camp and the implications of the subject matter highlighted by the authors. The authors are keen and accurate with the facts presented in the paper. For example, they quoted an estimated number of refugees in the camp to be about 460, 000 which concurs with the data contained in the UNHCR records (Clarke, Sevenzo, & Bloom, 2017). The authors reinforces the text with nice photographs that shows the camp.
Despite the fact that the paper is elaborative and broad in highlighting the important points of the subject, the article is not well formatted. The article contains several sub-headings which are not in line with the headline. Some of the subheadings stand on their own as if not part of the article. For example, "Somali refugees in Kenya affected by Trump's travel ban." This subtopic is a heading for a new article yet it is part of the entire article. Another subheading is "Somali elects an American president." These subheadings, although explain the main subject, are not clearly related to the main headline. The authors are also biased i...
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