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Article Critique: Business Students Perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility (Article Critique Sample)


Choose a magazine, journal, or peer-reviewed article to critique on the topic of business ethics. As you read the article, consider the following questions: How could the topic of this article apply to your personal or professional life, and how could it apply to an organization you have observed? The writing assignment that's submitted must meet the following requirements: Be at least two pages in length (not including the cover and reference pages) Identify the main topic/question Identify the author’s intended audience Critique the article Assess how the author addresses business ethics within the workplace Include your own conclusions on the topic Make sure you reference the article used


Article Critique: "Business Students' Perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility.;
Article Critique: "Business Students' Perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility" by Julie Fitzpatrick.
This paper forms a critique for Julie Fitzpatrick's article "business students' perceptions of corporate social responsibility;. The author is right to recognize the views of both proponents and critics of CSR as an organization management functions. Indeed the former believe that an organization is obligated to the larger society as ‘stakeholders' while the later are of the opinion that an organization is obligated only to its owners or ‘shareholders'. The article bears a hypothesis that CSR goes beyond profit making for any given organization. This paper however focuses on Fitzpatrick's finding regarding positive relationships between elements of gender, work experience and spirituality with CSR. It the author's view, students are the business leaders of tomorrow; this statement is true nonetheless. However, their perception of the influence of work experience on CSR and ethics stands to be easily misguided considering they are yet to set foot into full time work environments, the article would rather had placed focus ...
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