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Gaining influence through word of mouth (Article Critique Sample)

Please read the following article: http://www(dot)brandchannel(dot)com/features_effect.asp?pf_id=196 And write the following: 1- Summary of the article: it shouldn\'t be more than one-quarter of the assignment. 2- Analysis/critique of the article with specific reference to how the principles, concepts, and theories of consumer behaviour are applied in the article. (This should take three-quarters of the assignment). source..
Article critique Name Course Tutor Date Article Critique Summary of the article Gaining Influence by Word of Mouth, By Randall Frost Gaining influence through word of mouth is a business marketing article. Roper ASW pollster Ed Keller and John Berry, in the article advocate for the strength of the word of mouth as a marketing tool. Just like the internet can spread information fast word of mouth still remains a better way, to reach the audience (Randall, 2004). The article gives insights of how opinion leaders used in business marketing to influence consumers by word f mouth. According to the article, there is a need to identify the right opinion leaders, target them in brand campaigns, after, analysis of the right consumers for their influence. However, the paper will discuss the mixed reaction from marketers and scholars about the effectiveness of the word of mouth. Analysis of the article According to Berry and Keller, opinion leaders constitute only one in ten Americans. However, trade has gone global with marketing, therefore, the role or group they influence might be local and insignificant to the brand. In addition, with...
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