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annotated bibliography sample (Annotated Bibliography Sample)

I am sending you all the material to do what I need. Annotated bibliography I sent an example. Read The pages I sent an say in few lines what the book Is about. We have to say in our own words wha the is the book About.? Add the author and the year that iw was Printed . Just like the example I sent. source..

Annotated Bibliography
In this paper, ten references on cyber crime will be analyzed and their key notes summarized.
Samuel, C. (2009). Encyclopedia of Cyber Crime. London: Greenwood Press.
Summary: In this book, the author, explains why cyber crime has become a common crime in the modern world owing to the fact that computer information is heavily relied upon by the current societies. The author argues that this type of crime is not new, rather continues to evolve owing to increased adoptions of information systems. This book is essential in showing the link between increased use of computers and cybercrime.
Carr, J. (2009). Inside Cyber Warfare. California: O’reilly.
Summary: The author brings into focus acts of cyber conflict namely cyber espionage, cyber terrorism, cyber crime, and cyber security. The author holds the opinion that complications involving web interconnections is due to the fact that the crime can be executed from any location with internet connection. The war on cyber crime can only be won if there is collective global responsibility.
Wall, D. (2001). Crime and the Internet. London: Routledge.
Summary: The author notifies his readers that there exists a serious concern about cyber crime in the modern world. However, people are unsure of the degree of disturbance this form of crime can produce. What is clear is that cyber crime occurs frequently and effects vary. The author highlights how this crime can be managed.
Dunham, K., and Menlick, J. (2009). Malicious Bots: An inside look into the cyber criminal underground of the internet. New York: Taylor and Francis Group.
Summary: The authors of this book are experts in counter-terrorism; they offer guidance on counter measures in the geopolitical arena as well as technical botnet experts. In their book, the authors highlight key information on one of the earliest cyber attacks which was launched by a group known as Thr34t Krew. The book gives a historical perspective of cyber attacks.
Furnel, S. (2002).Cyber Crime: Vandalizing the Cyber Society. London: Pearson.
Summary: The writer begins by defining cyber crime. He argues that it refers to arrange of crimes and abuses relating to information technology, and the most ...
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