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Cap and Trade-Global warming: The Real Global Warming Disaster (Annotated Bibliography Sample)

Dear writer, I am an international student so please make the writing simple as you can. I want you to make a bibliography against Cap and trade with two new sources. Thank you so much, Mansour source..
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1 The Real Global Warming Disaster: Is The Obsession With `Climate Change` Turning Out To Be The Most Costly Scientific Blunder In History? By Christopher Booker
This book carries one of the most extraordinary scientific and political stories. He examines how scientists believed that mankind was faced by a disaster of global warming. The author covers the science of global warming and the political consequences. This book also exposes the legend that global warming is a concept that is sustained by a group of world`s top climate scientists. The author also manages to show the readers that change is usually determined by some few individuals who have struggled to hide evidence. This is one of the best books in history dealing with global warming. The author also covers the causes and the effects of global warming. He asserts that the few opportunistic individuals tend to take advantage of the less fortunate ones.
ii. The Great Global Warming Blunder: How Mother Nature Fooled the World's Top Climate Scientists by Roy W Spencer
The author presents a very amazing evidence that the recent global warming has not been caused humans. This book is very controversial since it has a different perspective form what people may be thinking. The author explains that having huge amounts of carbon dioxid...
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