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The Global Significance of the Cold War (Research Paper Sample)

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The Global Significance of the Cold War
The cold war crisis has brought an unusual argument in the minds of analysts and scholars. This war took place between the 1940s until 1990s. What led to the war still remains a mystery to many. However, some analysts argue that there was a disagreement between America and the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic. They have argued that, it was because of western aggression or the soviet expansions that caused disintegration between the two states. The soviet state was strongly campaigning for socialism in the third world countries but its counterpart the U.S could not agree at all.
Many questions are left unanswered about the cold war, could it be that the division of the Europe states would have been as a result of the cold war? Did the cold war happen due to materialism and power struggle or lack of understanding in ideas? Could the war by any chance have been avoided or was it certain that it was bound to happen? Was it really justified? Notably, the main aim during this war was to boost their respective defense systems that contributed to a lot of spending on their national resources.
The cold war was mainly manifested in the form of propaganda, espionage, military coalition, as well as weapons development. It was carried out through the period of technical development and industrial improvements. As a result, infant and subsidiary industries emerged some of which were dealing with the manufacturing of weapons to be used for war missions. Tensions began to rise amongst the warring parties when these activities heightened. Henceforth, it can be concluded that this war mainly took place in the form of the military partnerships.
Moreover, several proxy wars emerged and modern developments in both conventional as well as nuclear arms also emerged. As a result, several nations worldwide acquired nuclear weapons and this posed a threat to the existing world.
The cold war as it is known contributed to significant outcomes in neighboring nations together with those far away. The effects experienced during that time include the Berlin Blockade, the Vietnam fighting, international disagreement between the Korean and the invasion of the Soviet state to the Afghanistan. These took place in the year 1979 and it was the direct manifestation of this war, which resulted in several nations experiencing losses in form of life and wealth. It is evident that the cold war resulted in more expenditure, as well as neighboring countries undergoing through tough times financially (John 97).
The cold war also resulted to the Cuban Missile Crisis which occurred in 1962 therefore resulting in high tensions. In November 1983, a ten day NATO command carried out an exercise that spanned the main part of Western Europe, which saw a time of disagreement and heightened nuclear alerts. This resulted in a wider as well as proper coordinated nuclear armament.
By the time the cold war ended, many states including the Soviet Unions suffered monumental economic stagnation, resulting from investment in the cold war. As a result, the effects of this war were far reaching and it later contributed to the last collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. It was because of this collapse that America was left as the sole superpower.
The cold war had also a more elaborated effect on America, and the Soviet Union, as more ballistic missiles were bei...
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