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How did the Great War impact American presidential politics in 1916? (Research Paper Sample)

Please only keep on topic about how the Great War impacted American presidential politics in 1916? source..
Impact of the Great War on the 1916 Presidential Politics in America
World War I or the Great War had got a major influence on the American presidential election of 1916. War entry factor was the major battle ground for whoever was to win. The election pitted Woodrow Wilson, the incumbent against Charles E Hughes and the socialist presidential candidate Allan L. Benson. In his first term, Woodrow had fulfilled a big part of the reforms that was the initial concern of the electorate then, but the 1914 out break of the great war I diverted the attention of politicians and people’s a like.
American anxiety about entering the war divided the nation into polar ends. Roosevelt’s support of the Republicans was highly regarded as courting war; the former president was regarded to have an aggressive attitude towards war in Europe dulling the Republican campaigns then. Woodrow had chosen to keep America out of the war despite loss of Americans lives when Germany sank the British luxury ship. To exemplify its neutrality in the war matters, he and the democrats adopted a campaign slogan that says “He kept us out of the war.” The republican held an assertion that the new nature of geopolitics had changed and the early days of Washington counseling were over. In their views it would be wise for the Americans to enter the European war.
Woodrow Wilson won the election though with a slim margin in the history of presidential election in the US. His peace ideologies appealed to a cross section of American electorate. The slim victory showed how American population was divided in the centre on whether to join or to ignore the war altogether. With Germany’s increase in maritime warfare Woodrow Wilson appealed to the Congress that approved American entry into the war in 1971.

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