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VIETNAM WAR AND THE US (Research Paper Sample)

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Why did the United States abandon the leader of South Vietnam, Diem, in 1963?
After the 1954 Geneva Accords, French withdrew from Indochina and Diem led the endeavor of creating the Republic of Vietnam. Diem had a very strong anti-communism perception thereby gaining US support. The leader however had prejudiced and religiously tyrannical policies against the Buddhists who formed a majority of the population. This resulted into religious protests that got a worldwide attention thus leading to the abandonment by the US. He was later assassinated alongside his brother and his body buried in an unidentified grave next to the US ambassador`s home (Jones, 2003).
The Buddhist community in Vietnam consisted of between 70 to 90% of the entire population. Diem on the other hand, was from the Catholic Vietnam minority. Immediately he rose to power, he formulated policies that were oppressive to the Buddhists. Military and other state organ`s promotions were done based on an individual`s religious affiliation. The religious oppressions imposed onto the Buddhists resulted into countrywide protests that later on led to Diem being ousted from power. On learning of the biased policies of Diem, the US abandoned the leader in 1963 and a coup was organized that ousted him from power and being assassinated.
Diem`s era was viewed by many as a turning point in the history of South Vietnam. During his period of rule, South Vietnam had the highest economic growth in its history. However, after the coup and the assassination, South Vietnam was left to grapple with a series of challenges. The government of South Vietnam could not properly establish and become...
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