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Policies to Address Poverty in America (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


For this unit, you will submit an Annotated Bibliography which will include at least 5 scholarly sources. Your Annotated Bibliography should include a list of the sources you plan to use in your final Policy Paper. Each source must be followed by a 150 word description that includes the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the sources cited.
Keep in mind we are disscussing Social Welfare Policy.


Poverty in America
Poverty in America
Kearney, M., & Harris, B. (2014). Policies to Address Poverty in America [Ebook].
Kearney and Harries in their paper titled; Policies to address poverty in America, address the various polices that have been pivotal to the American society with reference to reduction of the poverty levels. This is a very relevant paper given the fact that, it brings out the various elements of the policy framework within America to curb the level of poverty and contributes directly to the topic of the paper. The level of accuracy of the paper is quite high given that it was published within the last five years. This is crucial as it going to build on the information that most recent for evaluation of the trends in the industry.
Berger, L., Cancian, M., & Magnuson, K. (2018). Anti-poverty Policy Innovations: New Proposals for Addressing Poverty in the United States. The Russell Sage Foundation Journal Of The Social Sciences,, 4(2).
This is a paper that also addresses the issue on the policies that are in place in America today in the quest to address poverty levels. The paper reviews some of the most recent changes in the field. The accuracy level is quite high given that, it is within the current year. Ideally, the government that is now in office, following their entry into office announced a number of changes to the policies regarding poverty. As such, this makes the source quite valuable.
Moffitt, R. (2015). The Deserving Poor, the Family, and the U.S. Welfare System.
This is a paper that is quite interesting and one that take

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