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Poverty In Cameroon: Insufficient Drinking Water (Essay Sample)


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Poverty in Cameroon
Like various African countries, Cameroon boasts considerable natural resources. It is situated in the lush forest area of the continent, close to the Sahara Desert. However, Cameroon has long struggled with poverty, and the epidemic continues to hold a firm grip on the state. Problems such as starvation, lack of educational and health facilities, insufficient drinking water, and unemployment have to hold down Cameroon for a couple of years (Fund 2010).
Two main causes of poverty in this area are unstable education system and unemployment. Children here are not provided with sufficient facilities, and most of them either travel to distant places to get educated or are forced to live a miserable life. Similarly, the youngsters are left with no jobs, and they sometimes migrate to other countries to earn a living. Those who are illiterate never landed a dream job, which means their families live miserably (Fonchingong 2012).
Furthermore, the lack of infrastructure limits transportation in Cameroon and creates a mess for people living in rural a

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