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In The Annex There: Containment And Communism (Essay Sample)


Containment of Communism

Immediately after World War II, the US under President Harry S. Truman faced the new challenge of an expanding communism

Task - Describe two methods employed by the Truman administration to halt or contain the spread of communism throughout Europe and the rest of the world. For each method:
1. Explain the program
2. Illustrate the program as it applied to a specific area or nation
3. Describe the ultimate impact of the program upon limiting the spread of communism
(Some examples - Europe and Korea - there are many others)






In The Annex There: Containment and communism

After WWII, Harry Truman was increasingly at odds with Stalin and the USSR, which supported communism. The Marshall Plan created in 1947 was proposed to as an economic aid program that would also limit the spread of communism in Europe. The stated aim was to combat poverty and unemployment while restoring the European economies so that there would be economic growth. This would in turn help combat communism, which was considered a product of exploitation and poverty. In the Post-War Period, the U.S. provided aid and loans to various European countries and America took a more prominent role under Truman to also provide military support. The aim of defeating communism limited some European countries like France, Greece and Italy from adopting socialist or communist programs. As

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