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Poverty: Poor Health And Maternity Care (Statistics Project Sample)


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A strong correlation exists between various parameters gauging the well-being of a population and its gross national product per capita (GNP). The total value of all goods and services produced by a nation in a year divided by its entire population indicates the country's economic position and poverty levels for its people. Poverty levels are determinate of the kind of lives led by the section of people subjected to its adverse impacts on life. The purchasing power parity (PPP) determines the quality of life lived by a particular countries population as it showcases its ability to have a quality and healthy life. Live birth rates per 1000 people of the population in a country, for instance, is dependent on the access to quality healthcare facilities by expectant women. Countries with cases of extreme poverty are known to have poor maternity care to provide the important health care need for mothers. The same case applies to the providing care for infants under 1 year as countries with lower gross national product per capita exhibit higher infant mortality rates compared to the developed nations with higher GNPs.
Countries with an averaging $20,000 and above in gross national product per capita form the majority of group 3 countries consisting of developed countries such as Switzerland, U.S.A, and Japan. The number of live births per 1000 people among the three nations stands at an average of 13. The sample of three nations could be taken to represent the group's statistics on live birth rates. Group 1's GNP is an average of $1580 while its birth rate is at 14. Countries of Asian origin or group 5 have a collective GNP of approximately $2,000 and a live birth rate of 28 newborns per a 1000 people. While this may not be the actual representation of individual countries within the group such as Hong Kong and Singapore, the region has a higher mortality rate at birth compared to the other two groups highlighted. The life expectancy rate at birth for both the males and females in the groups also make for interesting statistical revelations. The average life expectancy for males in group 5 is 61.7 years while that of their female counterparts

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