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Discussion About How To Use And Interpret Roman Law (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


list 5 references (in correct APA style) that you intend to use for the cultural/historical portion of your literature review. References must be listed alphabetically. Under each reference , write one solid paragraph that:
Paragraph 1) accurately summarizes the article in your own words
Paragraph 2) explains why you think this article will be useful for your literature review
You MUST include:
•a minimum of 2 primary sources
•a minimum of 1 scholarly , peer-reviewed article from an academic journal
The historic portion that was chosen was politics/government/laws
You can use the Justinian codes of laws as a primary source. The one that is translated to English.
The two remaining articles can be from the web, but remember that they still need to come from reliable sources. Any web articles MUST be .org, .gov, or .edu
I forgot to mention the history portion with the topic laws/government/politics has to be around the time of Justinian plague. We have to write in the second paragraph how it will help our next paper. Which is writing about the politics/laws/government of that time. Nothing of the Justinian plague just history.


Annotated Bibliography – Justinian Plague
Your Name
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June 23, 2019
Primary Sources:
Dingledy, F. W. (2016). The corpus juris civilis: a guide to its history and use. Legal Reference Services Quarterly, 35(4), 231-255.
This article provides a clear discussion about how to use and interpret Roman Law. It focuses on the Justinian Code as well as how historical events in the past have helped shape these statutes. As for research purposes, the authors have explicitly provided a succinct discussion about how to conduct research about Corpus Juris Civilis. This includes the different texts, tips and tools that could enlighten the researcher such as The Institutes and Digest.
This article would help in the historic/cultural portion of the literature review by showing the external contexts that are present during the time of Justinian era. This would aid the research to know where to find the texts needed for different subtopics, as some of the possible answers to the questions are already provided in the discussion.
Watson, A. (2011). The digest of Justinian (Vol. 3). University of Pennsylvania Press.
This book talks about one of the four books of the Corpus Juris Civilis – the Digest. Specifically, it talks, not only of the Digest but also of its relations to the other books as well as other historical contexts during those times. But a majority of the book is a translation and annotation of the laws that are embraced in the original version, which provides the readers a good research material for studying the Code
This book is essential for the research. Being one of the four books of the Code of Justinian, the Digest would provide a bulk of the information needed for the historical or cultural discussion of the time during the Byzantine Empire. This book also provides some annotations and references which could be used for further research in cases where the information in this book is not sufficient.
Additional Sources:
Encyclopædia Britannica. (2018, October 26). Code of Justinian. Retrieved from
This focus of this text is the discussion of the Code of Justinian (Corpus Juris Civilis). Particularly, it provides t

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