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Should the Army Pay for Sex Changes? (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


The second half of the semester will focus on researching and writing an argumentative essay. You will pick a subject, narrow it down to a specific topic, research it, and then turn what you find into an argumentative paper. (Note: the order you do that may be different. You may start with a subject (marijuana legalization, e.g.) and after doing research, use the information you find you narrow it down to a specific topic (recreational marijuana should be illegal; medicinal marijuana should be legal; recreational marijuana should be legal, etc.).
Why are we doing this assignment? For the argumentative paper, you will be required to conduct research and synthesize what you find into your essay. All of the research you use must be credible, whether it is academic and scholarly or not. (We will talk about this in class.) As such, the first step to writing any research-based paper is finding the research. The second step is to determine how you will be using that research in your essay. This assignment is designed to push you along in that process.
The first part of this assignment is an annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography provides an overview of sources you expect to use in a research paper. After doing research and gathering your sources, you will take each source and give it proper APA style bibliography citation; then you will briefly summarize the source and evaluate the source by describing its rhetorical strategies, how you plan to use the source, how the source strengthens your argument or how you plan to show the source is incorrect. The summary portion of each entry will be approximately 100 words and the evaluation portion will be approximately 75 words. Be specific. Every source you use should help you make your argument.
The second part of this assignment is an outline of your paper. I am trying to avoid extremely specific requirements, but I want you to demonstrate to me via this outline that you have a good sense of how your essay will be structured. At the very minimum, your outline should tell me what your thesis statement is and have a topic sentence for each paragraph. Note: outlines are tentative. You won't be forced to follow it to the letter; I just want to see what you are thinking. From personal experience, I can tell you that the more effort you put into your outline, the less work you have to do on your actual essay.


Should the Army Pay for Sex Changes?
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Should the Army Pay for Sex Changes?
Holter, L. (2017). Does The Army Pay For Gender Reassignment Surgery? A Transgender Troop's Procedure Will Be Covered for The First Time. Bustle.
The article, “Does the Army Pay for Gender Reassignment Surgery? A Transgender Troop's Procedure Will Be covered for the First Time” was written by Lauren Holter and published on November 15, 2017. Holter is a news writer based in New York.
This article details whether the army pays for gender reassignment surgery. There was a ban on transgender people serving in the military in July, but an October court order temporarily blocked the directive. LGBTQ rights supporters fought the transgender ban from the start. The Human Rights Campaign National Press Secretary, Sarah McBride, vowed to ensure that transgender troops were treated like other individuals despite Trump's efforts at protecting discrimination in policy.
This article is relevant in that it tries to explain why the army should pay for transgender troops. First, it is because they are human and therefore should be treated as such, and secondly, the health care for the transgender service members is a mere drop in the bucket. Additionally, the article encompasses the various modes of persuasion.
Shugerman, E. (2017). US Military Pays for Transgender Soldier's Sex Reassignment Surgery. Independent.
The article “US Military Pays for Transgender Soldier's Sex Reassignment Surgery” was written by Emily Shugerman and published on November 15, 2017. Shugerman is a news writer for The Independent.
This article details why the Pentagon paid for sex changes for the first time. President Trump announced a ban on transgender troops In July after the House members informed him that the debate over gender reassignment costs held up a defense spending bill. He also ordered the Pentagon to stop paying for all transgender-related medical expenses but allowed it on individuals who had already begun a reassignment surgery. However, a federal judge blocked Trump's policy. It is also clear that there is no support that the service of transgender troops would have any negative effects on the military.
This article shows that the army should pay for sex changes because it is unfair to discriminate the sexual orientation of a person who is willing to lay down his/her life for the country.
Dickstein, C. (2017). Pentagon: Transgender Soldier Receives Sex Change Operation. Stars and Stripes.

The article, “Transgender Soldier Receives Sex Change Operation” was written by Corey Dickstein and published on November 15, 2017. Dickstein is a reporter for Pentagon.
This article details how a transgender soldier received sex operation.

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