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Complete Part 1 Of The Project Multimodal Annotated Bibliography: Child Abuse (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Complete part 1 of the research project “Multimodal Annotated Bibliography”
My research topic: Child abuse
Research questions: What is the impact of Child Abuse?
Can we prevent child abuse?
(You could help me add more research questions)
Once you have established a research topic and question, you can begin work on finding appropriate sources. 
Multimodal Annotated Bibliography: using at least two different modes, you will represents 4 sources ( 2 peer reviewed/scholarly, 2 non peer reviewed). One mode you will use will be written text, however you also have to use another mode to represent your work. Go through the entire "Final project overview" for more information.
See Multimodal Annotated Bibliography Guidelines as well.
*Please note - the multimodal annotated bibliography is not meant to be a lengthy assignment. Rather, you should consider it the first step in your research process. I am not looking for an essay, I am looking for 4 thoughtfully written annotated citations (about 1 paragraph for each citation, see example in " final project overview") that is presented in written text, as well as one other mode*


The Impact of Child Abuse (Annotated Bibliography)
The Impact of Child Abuse and the Effects Suffered by Children Who fall victim of abusive acts
(Annotated Bibliography)
Research questions.
1 Maltreatments that children face
2 Long term health effects that the children face
3 How poverty influences child abuse
The paper uses several modes in annotation of the sources. One of the primary modes used in the paper is the use of text. Written text will play a crucial role in explaining most of the aspects needed for audience to understand child abuse and the effect of child effects to the respective victims. Graphs, tables and charts will also play a crucial role in showing patterns alongside some comparisons in some of the factors such as health issues and physical damage that victims face. The paper will also view child abuse from the perspective of blogs, whereby bloggers opinionate on issues related to child abuse. The above modes will be used in the research process.
Abbasi, M. A., Saeidi, M., Khademi, G., Hoseini, B. L. and Moghadam, Z. E. (2015). Child Maltreatment in the Worldwide: A Review Article Journal. Vol.3, No. 1 Pp. 353-365.
The article is quite important in the research of the topic child abuse. One of the reasons as to why the journal was consummate for the study is that the journal views child abuse from a global spectrum. Children face maltreatment and abuse around the globe, for example, some parents making the children work instead of studying or even step-parents mistreating children that are not their children based on several reasons. From the above standpoint, the article was crucial as it explains abuse and mistreatment from a worldwide context. The intended audience of the article is both children and adults, with an attempt to educat

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