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Plagiarizing (Personal Statement Sample)

Write a statement saying that my History Papers and Conference questions was not plagiarizing - Please answer them back in reference to the information below No APA or Source in your own words please Ms. B: Here's the situation as best as I can explain it. Over the course of the first five weeks of this course, you have repeatedly responded to each week's Conference question with words that were not your own. Yes, you typed them, yes, you even mentioned what books from 1923 or 1946 you pulled these words from, but still, these words are not ones that were formed in your mind first. Despite the source listings at the end of your posts, the fact that none of your posts are written in your own original words makes this plagiarism (add the fact that you have yet to put quotation marks around the words you have taken from these textbooks, which is another sign of plagiarism). But that is not my only concern regarding your performance so far. I have spoken to you about this issue in class, by email, and through my comments on your posts in WebTycho. Still, you have typed up or copied information from very old textbooks (ones that are not the required readings for this course) and have not varied your between your answers and your responses to other classmates' answers in your post. This is a sign that you are not really participating in the online Conference discussion, at least in any meaningful way. You have yet to use the required textbook for this course. Nor have you made any use of the lecture notes that are posted under WebTycho in any of your posts in Conferences. The textbooks you have been using are too old to address most of the questions for this course, and yet you have not been honest with me about your textbook issue. You have also failed -- very badly, I might add -- the multiple choice exam for this course. It appears that you do not understand the most basic aspects of the course, especially what is and isn't appropriate in your use of quotes and sources. Given all of those issues, I wanted to talk to you in class last Tuesday (September 18) about your performance, but you missed class due to the storm. My email yesterday evening was sent after yet another week with an incorrect response that used almost exclusively the words from another textbook. Given this and what is coming up, I am recommending that you withdraw from this course before the withdrawal deadline. I will also grant an I grade if I deem it necessary. As I said before, you can give me a call between 10 am and 4 pm on Monday, September 24 to discuss this further. On Sat, Sep 22, 2012 at 10:06 PM, wrote: On 09/22/12, wrote: Ms. B, you are consistently plagiarizing sources for your Conference posts, and more importantly, unable to put any answers or comments in Conferences in your own words. I have asked you several times to contact me about this and other related course issues, but you aren't reading my responses to your Conference posts. Given your performance so far, it may be time for you to consider withdrawing from this course. source..

Personal Statement:
As a student in the online conference discussion, it is my plea that you give me a fair consideration. I am a highly dedicated student who is willing to learn. It is, therefore, not my wish to withdraw from the class. I have an immense passion for the course. I have not participated in any plagiarism with regards to my history papers and conference questions. The percentage of its occurrence could be a mere coincidence which I would like to apologize for.
It is with utter sincerity that I apologize for my recent inactivity in class; I do not intend to give excuses for it but to accept responsibility. However, I promise to be focused and ch...
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