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Preceptorship Program (Personal Statement Sample)

I had the opportunity to observe how dentists worked at a variety of different practices around the world. After working as a dental assistant in both Jordan and the United States, I noticed how techniques for the same procedure varied slightly from dentist to dentist. I find it gratifying to observe these different techniques first-hand so that I could inherit the best techniques into my own practice in the future. I am currently assisting a periodontist who teaches at the University of the Pacific. Due to the nature of his work, it is often difficult to convince patients to receive treatment. It is often not possible for patients to see or feel problems in their bone and teeth, as it is with cavities in their teeth. He taught me the importance of explaining the problems carefully and detailing the treatment to maximize their cooperation and understanding. He would use whatever means at his disposal, sometimes resorting to crude sketches on a bib with a pen. He showed me the importance in conveying the proper treatment to the patient, and for that I am grateful. I was able to implement what I learned while assisting him. I found that a higher number of patients were receptive to treatment, and that many patients had complimented me on my terrible drawings. according to that i think that i am so interested in the future to be a periodontist. but i need to get more experience in this field and watch more doctors with different techniques. as every body knows that your school is provided with the most developed technology of equipment around the world, this technology will help me to make my dream true in that I will be able to treat my patient in convenient, fast, easy way. The other good thing in your school is that this school located in a very good area that has an enlightened and health conscious society so I will be able to observe more and get more firsthand experience in using this perfect technology in the school. Also this area is known with its community this community characterized by their freedom, cultural diversity, civil rights, and appreciation of scientific research were prized. student in your school get opportunities to travel further in the field practice both in distance and culture this will help me solve more problems arising from many issues. One also gets the opportunity to teach others on the benefits of preventive dental care and also allows service to the unprivileged communities through clinical services. Due to this exposure in the profession I get to know the future commitments to serve public health in my career. I will also be exposed to the hospital environment and learn my roles as a dentist and how to interact with other health care providers' will also benefit in the dental school from the expanded research experience with the National institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. i am applying to a program its name is preceptorship program in periodontics in a dental school. this program is kind of a observenship prograam. i need one paper has all the answers for the above question. if you need any more information please contact me source..

Preceptorship Program
A preceptor is a specialized tutor who offers practical training to the students (Moyer & Wittmann-Price, 2008). Traditionally, a preceptor was considered as a physician who gave a personal training to undergraduate medial students. The normal picture of a preceptor is same as that of a general practitioner situated in a rural setting with students accompanying his or her in manifold medical activities. The terms apprenticeship and preceptorship were used interchangeably. This program is not meat to prepare an individual to practice a specialty. An individual will always return to his or her practice after acquiring insights and improving his or her experience in specialized areas for teaching, practice, and patient benefit.
I am enrolling for the program to assist me in gaining additional subspecialties in other areas. The program will help me learn from my colleagues and exchange perspectives from each other. I will be in the operating room every day which will allow me complement experience to clinical practice through simulations, theory presentations, and sessions which encompass topics ranging from technical, medical, to raining programs. The program will also help me to gain valuable communication skills that will enable me communicate effectively with my fellow dentists, as well as, the patients. My analytical skills would also be enhanced which would help me in analyzing information and use it in helping patients in their problems.
My career objectives include securing a dental professional position in a busy facility where I would get an opportunity to showcase the experience I have gained through working as an assistant to the periodontist. I would work hard to ensure that proper dental facilities are available, affordable, and accessibl...
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