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Describe an obstacle or challenge facing you (Personal Statement Sample)

-Describe an obstacle or challenge facing you, your family, your school or your community. What have you done (or what do you plan to do) to address this challenge? How does Colorado State University fit into your plan -Thoughtful content and careful attention to quality writing can be compelling in admission and scholarship decisions. -Keep your essay focused on the topic you have chosen; this demonstrates your ability to organize your thoughts. -This is not a writing sample or academic paper, it's an opportunity for us to gain insight into how you can contribute to, and benefit from, our community. Make it personal by conveying information specific to your experiences and perspectives. -Be sure the words are your own and (appropriately) reflect your personality. We want to get to know YOU, so use a “voice” that's authentic. -Plagiarism is grounds for immediate rejection of your application. -Consider the suggested topics a way for you to get to know us and what we value as you assess whether CSU is a good fit for you I will be majoring in Health and exercise Science and want my personal statement to reflect my passion in working out and healthy living and tie in the community. 400-500 words source..

Coming from a working class background, my community composes many people working hard to make life happen. My relatively sizeable family spends more time worrying about how to make ends meet more than their physical health and fitness. Families in my community, being more of economically homogenous, tend to grapple with the same troubles and worries as mine. I have noticed a trend in both my peers, seniors and staff at school. They are more preoccupied with their academic results, job performance and their relations with the rest in their fraternities more than their personal health.
The lack of attention health and not taking decisive actions to achieve good physical health state is the main reason why cases diabetes, obesity and heart related diseases keep increasing instead of declining in my community and school. Despite people focusing mainly on the results of their efforts, maximal productivity continues to be elusive in both my community and school especially due to the cons of health deficiency related ailments. Result oriented lifestyle that majority of friends, peers and others in my proximity live, is more likely to lead them spending more on hospital bills than bettering their lives, thus staying in the cycle of their current status. I, too, am getting the hang of the l...
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