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Why you Believe the St. Louis College of Pharmacy is a Good Fit for You? (Admission Essay Sample)


Provide a short essay (450 to 600 words) that describes why you want to become a pharmacist, why you believe the St. Louis College of Pharmacy is a good fit for you, and how you have met and overcome adversity in your past.


Admission Essay
Admission Essay
For as long as I can remember, as a child, I dreamed of science. My core area of science was nature and how the universe works. These concepts helped me not only to see science as a chore, but also excitement. Today the experience greatly influenced my personal identity and my professional ambition. While earlier my interests were aimed towards nature, later the interests redirected me towards health related issues and medical sciences.
Growing up with health anxiety issues was a serious challenge for me. Most of the time I developed health anxiety issues when I experience body pain and other symptoms. For a case, one time I experienced pain and tightness in my chest. I developed this fear of having a heart attack, which was just a miss interpretation of physical symptom. After I had got check up from a clinic, I realized that the chest pain was due to cold environment. This was an early adversity challenge I faced, but the obvious remedy was to identify and challenge negative thoughts.
After I completed my high school education, I made a choice of joining a college to pursue my career in medical science. I come from an economically depressed town where many people do not graduate from high school. To them graduating from high school is an idealistic idea, not a reality yet I knew I had to graduate. Feelings of being trapped in such an environment were also a challenge, yet I had to overcome the odds. My ambition was valid, and that prompted me to pursue my career in pharmacy.
Pharmacy is a medical science entailing the technique of preparation and dispensing of drugs. Pharmacists help patients to get well and play a key role in a wide array of health care settings. I love to be a pharmacist because I want to use my knowledge of medicine to help patients get well, and not rely on miss interpretations of illness as I did. Pharmacists today are in demand because they play a vital role in working with nurses, physical therapists, physicians, and other health professionals. I want to be pharmacists, and also get admission training at St Louis College of Pharmacy.
I am drawn to St. Louis College of Pharmacy because there is no better place to be than the institution. I like St Louis College of Pharmacy because we possess a common vision of health and science by exceeding expectations. St Louis College of Pharmacy was founded in 1864 and remains to be one of the oldest and largest colleges of pharmacy in America. Since then, the college is committed to educating and train the best pharmacists in the United States.
My desire to formalize my love of science brings me to S...
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