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Paraphrase/Summary. Olympics Championship is an international sport (Essay Sample)

1. Paraphrase two of the following sayings. Each is written in symbolic language, and each is really about life, not about the literal meaning of the words. - Birds of a feather flock together. - Not all that glitters is gold. - The foolish and the dead alone never change their opinion. - Bloom where you are planted. 2. Now Summarize the following passage. Begin by skimming the passage to get the general meaning. Then try to capture the core meaning into one or two sentences that will be one-third as long as the original. A white flag with five simple interlocking circles of blue, yellow, black, green, and red would be easily recognizable in any country as the official flag of the Olympic Games. The five colors were chosen because at least one of them appears in the flag of every nation of the world. The rings are linked together to represent the sporting friendship of the people of the world. The symbolism of the Olympic flag was brought to life vividly in the summer of 1984. In the opening ceremonies of the Summer Games in Los Angeles, the athletes of the world joined hands as the lyrics of the song "Reach Out" suggested; soon the spectators from all of the nations followed suit in a show of friendship and brotherhood. In a more individual exhibit of friendship, Chen Wei Quang, China's first gold medalist, reached down from his top spot on the victor's award stand and vigorously pumped the hand of bronze medalist Tsai Wen-Yee of Chinese Taipei, or Taiwan. Given the political tensions between their countries, this was an especially moving tribute to a fellow friend-athlete. "We are all Chinese" seemed to be the translation of that universal handshake, a gesture that transcended the politics between their countries and showed more clearly than words what the Olympic tradition is all about. source..
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Birds of a feather flock together: The meaning of this is that people who have a common interest or share similar characteristics or behavior will always understand one another.
Not all that glitters is gold: some things that appear good and appeal to us may not be that good. Some could bring destruction to our lives.

Olympics Championship is an international sporting event which brings together many nations of the world. The official flag of Olympic Games is recognized by all commonwealth countries. There is one common color in this flag that is also present in all the countries’ flags. The five painted rings with differe...
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