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Disney's Marketing Strategy And Market Analysis Assignment (Term Paper Sample)


Analyse/re-interpret secondary data
Formulate a relevant argument
Utilise an argument to critically address a research question
Essay 2 involves developing an argument about your original topic in Essay 1 - You should NOT change topics for Essay 2, but begin to think more critically about your topic.
This essay 2 you write need refer to essay 1, and you need write mind map first and give me as soon as possible.
the essay 1 is write about disney, and You need to watch PPT carefully and then write essay 2
using the online electronic databases (e.g., Business Source Premier and Emerald) to locate more journal articles about your topic and find secondary data (e.g., charts, tables).
Write 5000 words (+ or - 10%) including the text of your essay but excluding the cover page,
reference list, footnotes and appendices.
2. Within the boundaries of your approved topic area and developing from your first essay, set
yourself a second essay question which develops your own argument or position in relation to
the literature. Your position should analyse and in some way critique the literature or discipline.
3. Communicate with your essay question to your Supervisor and fine tune or proceed according to
his/ her advice.
4. Write your essay in an appropriate academic style and particularly ensure you use ‘third person'
narrative, Harvard style in-text citation and referencing.
5. Utilise at least 10 high quality academic-style resources (e.g. textbooks, books and journals) and
try to ensure that you use no or only a small number of internet sources.
6. Do not undertake primary research.
7. Do not copy any materials you use word for word unless you identify these sections clearly as
8. If you paraphrase any materials you must identify the materials' sources through in-text
9. This is an individual essay please do not work closely with anyone else.
11. Submit your essay on the VLE for marking with the appropriate Banner header-sheet, as well as
your mind map and research log


Disney's marketing strategy and market analysis
1.0 Introduction
Disney is a famous company that produces films which targets people who are young at heart such as some adults, children, and teens. The firm has its headquarters at Burbank in the US. More so, Disney is a multinational diversified company that focuses on music, theatre, radio, online media, and publishing (Pine and Gilmore, 1998, p99). Disney has a sizeable number of theme parks globally including Hong Kong, Japan, Florida, Paris, and China. However, the firm has not fully entered the Chinese market and it is consideration for various strategies to acquire the market because there are several well-established companies in the country. Apart from producing anime movies, the company also manufactures electronic products, bags, watches, home furnishing supplies, accessories, petticoats, and plush toys. The firm has become famous over the years and gained greater economies of scale since most of its customers are people who grew up watching its movies (Grant, 1999, p19). Over the years, people have known Disney to be offering anime movies that mainly target the young in heart such as children. The marketing strategies of Disney have aimed at creating attention and interest (Miao & Kim, 2017, p29). This has raised questions as to its success since it should diversify the type of films that it produces and target different types of people such as adults who are not weak in heart to increase its market share. No firm can work without working strategy. Firms need strategies to help them in making key marketing decisions (Grant, 2016, p17).
Nowadays, several firms have emerged that compete with Disney in the anime movie industry, which has decreased the amount of revenue and profitability that Disney previously made. For Disney to improve its economies of scale, I would suggest that it diversifies the kinds of films that it produces that will not only target the young at heart but also the gown-ups. Also, Disney should consider expanding its market to countries that it has not previously entered such as China. Targeting various audiences such as the grown-up and children as well as expanding its market to other nations that it had not previously operated in will improve its economies of scale and enable it to gain a competitive edge over its rivals. In addition, the firm should merge with small companies to improve its production and market share.
This essay is a continuation of the first essay that described how the Disney Company was established and how it has operated over the years including the improvements which it has made and the gaps that it still needs to exploit. Therefore, this work will analyze the various strategies that Disney has adapted to increase its market share and any improvement that it should make to increase its production and have a competitive advantage over its rivals (Grant, 1999, p19). The work analyzes the various factors that affect the company in nations where it operates such as the political condition and technical environment, its brand, target customer, and new markets before giving an opinion on the best strategy that Disney should use.
2.0 Why Disney Should Change its Marketing Strategies to Specific Countries
Disney should change its marketing strategies from targeting specific nations to targeting other countries irrespective of whether they are tourist destinations. The company targets mostly tourist destination sites for its products such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Paris which limits its market share. In 2016, the company expanded to China through an investment of $5.5 billion theme park in Shanghai which was a success to the company and in the year 2017 they first ...

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