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International Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Term Paper Sample)


THIS paper topic is British Supermarkets for the local purchasing or international purchasing analysis.
A case study report on a recent international purchasing news (this will be released on Moodle at the
mid of October), you will analyze the case and propose recommendations to the managers.
In your report please ensure that you have a strong academic foundation including theory, empirical
evidence to support your argument. If you use material from case studies or company websites
remember that these need to be properly quoted and referenced just like all other materials.
1.0 Introduction 100-200 words
Explain your point of view and explain what this report specifically did
2.0 local(British supermarkets to buy the advantages and disadvantages of local products, the need to specifically write a specific example of a British supermarket, and add their own suggestions)
3.0 global(Specific write a British supermarket procurement advantages and disadvantages of imported goods, and add their own suggestions)
Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of supermarkets use local products or global products must add charts to analysis
The report specifically includes what content
5.0 Reference
It need content at first of the paper
compare markets purchasing of local products or global products can choose same market,or choose two markets but had different decisions, all of examples must have references.


International Logistics and Supply Chain Management
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International Logistics and Supply Chain Management
1.0 Introduction
The products that are bought in a supermarket arrive there as a result of a series of numerous trading relationships. Supermarkets in the United Kingdom, both local and international, compete in an environment of global trade, and this includes products that are sourced from the international market. For instance, the Pilau rice could have been sourced from India while the Chicken Tikka from Thailand, while other spices could have arrived from other Asian countries. While these products are not produced in the UK, studies have revealed that the sourcing strategies may lead to scandals, especially when products are sourced from the international market (Winterman, 2013). This paper seeks to analyze international logistics and supply chain management in relation to a British supermarket known as Tesco. Additional element to be analyzed is the domestic and international purchasing analysis and also to offer recommendations that can enable British supermarkets to be successful in both domestic and international markets.
2.0 Local Sourcing
2.1 Benefits of Local Sourcing
Tesco PLC is a British multinational supermarket and the largest retailer across the world in terms of profits, and the 9th biggest retailer in terms of revenues. Apart from being the biggest retail chain in the UK, Tesco has numerous stores that are distributed across Europe and Asia. Since the 1990s, Tesco has managed to diversify geographically into numerous segments like retailing of electronics, clothing, furniture, books, petrol, toys, financial services, internet services, and telecoms (Butler & Kollewe, 2016). Tesco is the largest supermarket chain in the UK, with more than 32% of market share. It is a comparable to the situation in the U.S. where the market is dominated by Wal-Mart. Tesco is currently the biggest private institution that employs people in the European Union. When it comes to local purchasing, there are numerous debates about whether Tesco is beneficial or harmful to the society and shoppers. Nevertheless, studies have revealed that there are numerous benefits for this British supermarket, particularly when it comes to local purchasing.
Local sourcing is considered as an increasing trend that has surpassed the global sourcing that has been favored by numerous retailers in the past. Currently, retailers try to balance global sourcing which offers the huge volume that is needed by the retailer, and domestic sourcing that meets the ethical and environmental demands of the customers or products that are sourced closer at home. Local sourcing for grocers is becoming a significant sales strategy since goods that are locally produced make up a huge balance of retailers' businesses. For Tesco, the management team has put emphasis of local sourcing to ensure that it fulfills the demands of its customers (, 2017). However, although retailers may decide to support their local suppliers, studies have revealed that there will be little difference especially when there is a huge price difference between the local and international products. This implies that the current business climate requires that domestic products remain cost effective through which a retail institution can operate.
To start with, Tesco enjoys economies of Scale. The expansive size of this retail chain institution implies that it can profit by economies of scale in regions, for example, mass purchasing, transportation, marketing, conveyance, distribution, and innovation. This implies that economies of scale enable the supermarket to earn higher yields and this results to lower cost of doin...

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