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The Marketing Strategy of Apple Inc. and Its Contribution to the Company's Success (Term Paper Sample)


Analyse/re-interpret secondary data
Formulate a relevant argument
Utilise an argument to critically address a research question
Essay 2 involves developing an argument about your original topic in Essay 1 - You should NOT change topics for Essay 2, but begin to think more critically about your topic.
Write 5000 words (+ or - 10%) including the text of your essay but excluding the cover page,
reference list, footnotes and appendices.
2. Within the boundaries of your approved topic area and developing from your first essay, set
yourself a second essay question which develops your own argument or position in relation to
the literature. Your position should analyse and in some way critique the literature or discipline.
3. Communicate with your essay question to your Supervisor and fine tune or proceed according to
his/ her advice.
4. Write your essay in an appropriate academic style and particularly ensure you use ‘third person'
narrative, Harvard style in-text citation and referencing.
5. Utilise at least 10 high quality academic-style resources (e.g. textbooks, books and journals) and
try to ensure that you use no or only a small number of internet sources.
6. Do not undertake primary research.
7. Do not copy any materials you use word for word unless you identify these sections clearly as
8. If you paraphrase any materials you must identify the materials' sources through in-text
9. This is an individual essay please do not work closely with anyone else.
11. Submit your essay on the VLE for marking with the appropriate Banner header-sheet, as well as
your mind map and research log


The Marketing Strategy of Apple Inc. and Its Contribution to the Company's Success
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The Marketing Strategy of Apple Inc. and Its Contribution to the Company's Success
1.0 Introduction
Apple Inc. is a U.S.-based company operating in IT industry. The company has gained widespread prominence mainly due to its innovative digital mobile devices. Steve Jobs together with Steve Wazniak (Razak & Zawawi, 2017, p. 48) established the company in 1976. Some of its innovative electronics products include Mac computers, iPad, and iPhone. The company has also been successful in the production of various software applications, including iOS, iTunes, iLife, and iWork. In 2010, the company surpassed its major competitor, Microsoft, and is currently the leading technology company with the largest market share in the industry (Razak & Zawawi, 2017, p. 48). The company has revolutionized both the smartphone industry and the music industry with its innovative iPhone models and iPod respectively. It has also been in the forefront in revolutionizing the media and entertainment industries with the introduction of the iPad.
It is noteworthy that the mobile phone market is subdivided into two major segments: smartphones and feature phones. Smartphones refer to mobile phone devices that transcend the functionality of traditional cell phones. In addition to the conventional mobile handset functionality, smartphone run on advanced operating systems that enables them to handle computer processes. For instance, the Apple smartphone models, iPhones, run on the iPhone operating system, commonly known as iOS. On the other hand, Samsung smartphones are based on the Android operating system. This paper examines Apple Company's marketing strategies and how it has gained a competitive advantage over its rivals.
2.0 Marketing Strategy
2.1 Overview of Marketing Strategy in Relation to Apple iPhone
The concept of marketing strategy constitutes two distinct yet related terms: “marketing” and “strategy.” Scholars have developed various definitions of both terms. As such, it is important to explore some of the definitions and try to figure out some of the common themes among such definitions. According to Iyamabo and Otubanjo (2013, p. 17), marketing literature consists of over 30 themes, including stakeholder value, profitable customer relationship, human need, profitable relationship enhancement, human need, and management decision. Other themes include customer equity, culture (benefits and values), marketing mix, management activity, customer retention, pervasive societal activity, management activity, and customer equity. Such themes are grouped into 6 major categories based on their generic similarity. These categories are profit maximization, competitive strategy, promotion, strategic management process, value creation, and relationship marketing (Iyamabo & Otubanjo, 2013, p. 19). Overall, the American Marketing Association (2007, cited in Iyamabo & Otubanjo, 2013, p. 19) defines marketing as the processes, set of institutions, and activity for developing, exchanging, delivering, and communicating offerings that create value for partners, clients, customers, and the wider society.
Upon examining the definition of the marketing concept, it is important to examine some of the definitions of strategy. The various themes emerging in the strategy literature include resource allocation, future projection, corporate objectives, leaders' vision, needs awareness, value exchange, environmental analysis, performance, and competitive advantage (Iyamabo & Otubanjo, 2013, p. 21). With regard to environmental analysis, Appl...

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