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Issues in Modern American Policing (Term Paper Sample)


CRJ310: Law Enforcement and American PolicingPortfolio Project: Issues in Modern American Policing (350 points)
Write a paper on one of these three topics:
Use of Force: Is the Media Helping or Hurting?
Racial Profiling by Police: What Are the Critics Missing?
Police Unions: Has Their Time Passed?
Follow these general structural guidelines:
1. The introduction must include a clear statement of your position on the topic.
2. The paper should then synthesize current, relevant research on your topic from at least five sources.
3. Next, add your own voice with a discussion of the implications of possible solutions for the debate under investigation
4. Finally, offer your conclusions regarding how best to manage the issue (i.e. your informed opinion on the issues raised).
The paper must demonstrate the knowledge you possess about current issues related to policing, and how, in your thoughtful opinion, the many variables influence the inner workings of police and their agencies.
Your paper is expected to have depth and thoughtful analysis on the topic at the undergraduate level. The paper should be based on adequate references of scholarly materials rather than introductory textbooks, popular website writings, or musings. You are encouraged to add your own opinions; however, those opinions should be carefully considered, logical, and supported by evidence.
The most common mistakes are (a) just summarizing the topic and not analyzing it or discussing your views and (b) failing to relate the subject to the broader context of policing, as discussed in class and as found in the readings. Adequately including the broader contexts includes, for example, considering how your research might yield a different approach to policing or considering the implications of your findings for police training.
Your paper must be at least eight pages in length, with a minimum of five credible outside sources. It must be well-written, and formatted in conformity with CSU-Global APA guidelines


Issues in Modern American Policing
Use of Force: Is the Media Hurting or Helping?
Social media is helpful when used in the right way, at the correct time, and for the right purpose. Media is a way through which people communicate with the purpose of reaching many people. In the past, this indicated newspapers and television; however, currently it constitutes electronic forms like the internet. The expression “social” suggests mutual communication whereby the user intermingles with a media source. The type of social media is a social networking that permits several individuals to post data to each other. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace are types of social networking Web Sites. Social media has devised its personal form of communication containing general expressions and new definitions. For example, a “tweet” is generally referred to as the message-based posting of data on Twitter.
Similarly, a “wall” is a general or semi-general part of Facebook users’ profiles whereby data is posted in the social media globe. The proof that social media is of importance to law enforcers was obtained in 2011 in a study carried out through the Institute for Criminal Justice Education (ICJE). This research discovered that more than 78 percent of those who provided police officers with feedbacks were using the social media. Out of the 78 percent, 38 percent categorized themselves on their profile as law and order maintenance officers. This study shows the interest police officers have in social media, and also the way they decide to categorize themselves to the people through social media.
Application of Social Media
The major mission of state is to safeguard its people from both internal and external attacks. In the present day, several terror attacks have been witnessed due to poor security in different nations, and this has called for advanced measures. As the major perceptible branch of the state, police officers are on the forefront in the scramble to safeguard people from harm, and to maintain law and order (Tooley, 2014). This is a major goal for every police force to ensure that law and order is maintained and the safety of citizens is enhanced. To achieve this objective, the community awards law enforcers power to manage the conduct of their fellow nationals. However, empowering the police force has been lately debated due to the increased misuse of power by officers while dealing with suspects. Law maintenance has in the past had restricted alternatives for the application of deadly and excessive force. The coaching provided to law enforcers on the application of firearms was very restricted, regularly entailing just major weapons guidelines. Currently, developments in technology, extra regular litigation, and increased public anticipations triggered through media coverage, have diminished the urgency for a reform in the way the police office...
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