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Personality Trait: observation (Term Paper Sample)

observe a friend and note any repetitive behaviors that seem unusual.selecta theory of personality that seems to fit the pattern of behavior and expalin why you feel that theory is applicable as the cause of the behavior.explain how would you ,through application of the theory,rid the individual of the behavior. This is an imaginary observation, I need a 5 pages paper but I place the order for 1 page as I just need the writer to get me started with a thesis and the intro and I will expand on it. Thank you. source..

Personality Trait
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(March 24, 2013)

Personality Trait
Thesis: Big Five Personality theory on impulsivity
Impulsivity is an abnormal personality trait that my friend displays, it has been noted that impulsivity is characterized with poor forethought, consideration and reflection of consequences; this has resulted in my friend losing job opportunities in the first or second year of operation in companies. Impulsive actions are expressed prematurely, conceived poorly, inappropriately and risky in nature resulting to un-contenting consequences; this has led to disillusionment of the goals and strategies of the organizations my friend has worked in, developing into a workplace conflict.
Big Five personality traits focus on the reasons behind why people reason differently on contentious issues (Raad, 2000). The theory focuses on openness, neuroticism, ...
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