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Consultation And Collaboration For Students With Special Needs (Term Paper Sample)




Consultation and Collaboration for Students with Special Needs
Consultation and Collaboration for Students with Special Needs
1 Models of Consultation and Collaboration
Placing special needs students in resource classrooms restrict them from having or rather enjoying a holistic approach to education that all students deserve at both the elementary and junior high school levels. The case for William Perry and Janna Small, from Calgary Public School, requires such a comprehensive approach involving the collaboration and consultation of all the stakeholders involved in providing quality education to students. William’s attention deficit disorder affects his performance in the classroom while Janna’s negative behavioral changes are also giving both the teacher and other students a hard time to cope. The lead-teacher consultation and collaboration model would serve as the ideal strategy for addressing William’s special needs CITATION Det05 \l 1033 (Dettmer, 2005). The classroom teacher provides the home-room teacher with a report on William’s progress and needs for the subject area in class after which the latter uses the special needs’ expertise to impact the necessary and knowledge and skills for the study question. The approach would also be effective for Janna’s case, but that would only serve to improve her academic performances. A consultative and collaborative team teaching model would be the most efficient approach for Janna’s case. Both the special needs and the regular classroom teachers would take turns in teaching the same class, inclusive of both the special needs and regular students, in a concerted team effort towards providing education for all the students CITATION Det05 \l 1033 (Dettmer, 2005). The approach would serve to provide the other students with the knowledge, skill, and understanding of the special needs students and thus helping in the development of the latter across all fields of the education program. The approach would also involve the parents of both students and others with special needs to create an understanding of the special attention required by the students.
2 Problem Solving
Janna’s case offers an excellent platform for implementing the outlined consultation and collaborative model.
1 Step 1- Identify the Current Teaching Practices at the Institution
A collection of data and information on various aspects such as the number of special needs students or students are requiring the same attention as Janna to identify the current practices at the learning institution. Currently, the school lacks an effective system or approach for addressing such challenges while the previous strategy involves the sole involvement of the resource teacher in providing learning assistance to special needs students.
2 Step 2- Establish a Collaborative Team for Implementing the Learning Model
Calgary Public School lacks an effective learning system to address the needs of students with special needs. Hence, forming a team to spearhead the new learning program or strategies for the benefits of all students from across the different disciplines serves as an excellent platform for making positive changes. The team would comprise of Mr. Jones and Mrs. Balance as well as the valuable input of the former resource teacher. The outlined teachers bring the experience of both the challenges and possible solutions towards providing learning assistance to students with special needs.
3 Step 3- Developing an Effective Action Plan
The selected team should come up with an actionable plan involving all the stakeholders and thus promoting the collaborative and consultative principle of the program. The plan s...

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