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Dangers of Physical Punishment as A Behavior Modifier Technique (Term Paper Sample)


This paper should include, but is not limited to a discussion of the following:
The inherit dangers of physical punishment used a behavior modifier.
Two primary modifiers of behavior.
Negative reinforcement.
F. Skinner's theory of Operant Conditioning.
Content: Papers should be written in short essay or research paper format. All work must be in the student's own words. Citations must be included on reference page.
Length: Three pages (approximately 750 words), excluding the title and reference page.
Format: Include a cover sheet and a reference page. Use APA format.
References: Three references are required. Use your textbook as one of the three. References must be less than 5 years old.
Submission: Submit as an attachment using .doc or .docx format. Papers that cannot be opened by the instructor will given a grade of “0.”
Additional Directions:
Eliminate the extra space between paragraphs.
12-point font.
1-inch margins on all sides.
½ inch indentation for each paragraph.
Page numbers in upper right corner.
References and citations in text are required to avoid plagiarism. You must use the current standards found in the APA Manual (6th ed.) You can also find help from Basics of APA Style - American Psychological Association,, OWL at Purdue, or numerous other websites.
Refer to the Grading Rubric included herein for further directions/explanations of how this paper will be graded.
Papers will be submitted through “Turnitin” which compares the current paper with all outside references and previously submitted papers. Any paper that has evidence of plagiarism will be given a “0.” You must reference your work.


Behavior Modification
Behavior modification is a concept coined by B.F Skinner in describing his theory operant conditioning. Behavior modification is a technique which encourages or discourages a behavior through a system of rewards. The rewards increase recurrence or deterrence of the behavior by positive or negative reinforcement and punishment. In behavioral therapy, the desirable behavior is rewarded positively while undesirable behavior is punished. The main objective of the therapist is to replace the unacceptable behavior with acceptable ones. The theory is pegged on the premise that how people react to stimuli can be modified by learning. To achieve the desired behavior, the reinforcements or punishments are repeated till the desired outcome is achieved.
Dangers of Physical Punishment as A Behavior Modifier Technique
Physical punishment is a counterproductive measure to change behavior. Corporal punishment such as that used in school is a counterproductive behavior modifier which increases delinquency, poor relationship, mental health, aggression and fear in minorsCITATION Eli15 \p 47 \l 1033 (Gershoff, Purtell, & Holas, 2015, p. 47). It is therefore unlikely to lead to positive behavior as expected by the Punisher and instead replace a cordial relationship with fear and hatred. The offender may not repeat the offense, but a strained relationship with the punisher ensues which complicates their interaction and cooperation. If the offender is a child, his/her mental growth is adversely affected. Physical punishment often leads to poor mental health and skewed decision-making process out of fear and negative feeling towards the Punisher. Offenders subjected to physical punishment are more likely to exhibit higher levels of recidivism, aggression, and delinquency. According to CITATION Lin12 \p 241 \l 1033 (Nielsen, 2012, p. 241)children who are subjected to physical punishment are more likely to be abusive in marriages or turn to drug abusers or both. This shows corporal punishment or any physical punishment is counterproductive both in the short and long runs.
2 Primary Modifiers of Behavior
Reinforcers and punishers are the two primary modifiers of behavior. Reinforcement is pairing stimuli to behavior to encourage its recurrence or deterrence. Reinforcers are classified into two broad categories; positive and negative. Rewarding a person for a good action or giving a dog steak for positive behavior is an example of positive reinforcement. The reinforcement aims to pair positive response with action, and

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