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Nursing School Clinical (Telemetry Unit) Health, Medicine Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Nursing School Clinical (Telemetry Unit)
Six Questions to Format Journal Entries
1. Briefly describe one event/situation that stands out to you from your nursing school clinical that was meaningful to you and will impact your practice in the future.
2. What guided your actions in this situation? Consider patient cues, your thoughts/ feelings/ adequacy of knowledge and skills to respond to this situation.
3. Were your actions the best or most appropriate? Why or why not?
4. What other options or resources were open/ available to you?
5. What did you learn from this situation/ what would you do if this situation arose again?
6. Based on your overall clinical experience for this course, what are the areas you need to focus on next week?


Nursing School Clinical (Telemetry Unit)
Student’s Name
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Nursing School Clinical (Telemetry Unit)
As a nurse in the telemetry unit, my main task was caring for patients who need cardiac monitoring during their hospitalization. Cardiac monitoring includes devices that measure heart rhythm, blood pressure, and oxygen levels. In the telemetry unit, I encountered various patients that require telemetry monitoring, including those with a history of heart attacks, strokes, and high blood pressure. Of all the cases I encountered, the one that stood out most to me and put me in a stressful emergency situation was when a patient came into triage complaining of chills and a high fever. The patient was also expectant. This event was meaningful to me because I had never experienced such an event and it would benefit my practice in the future by granting me the knowledge required to handle such an occurrence.

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