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What factors motivate suicide bombers? (Essay Sample)

BEFORE READING THE INSTRUCTIONS, I WANT THE PERSON WHO WROTE THE (DISCUSSION BOARDS) 00021109- 00021362-00020989- FROM PAST 3 MONTHS TO WRITE THIS ESSAY. BECAUSE IT WILL BE ALOT EASIER, SINCE YOU HAVE READ THE CHAPTERS 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 OF THE TEXT BOOK. IF YOU'RE NOT AVAILABLE. I WANT THE BEST WRITER WHO IS INTRESTED IN READING 3 CHAPTERS of the Textbook , To take this JOB. This DOES NOT NEED REFERENCE. IT ONLY NEEDS BACKUP SUPPORT( BY ONLY ONLY READING THE PDFS I UPLOAD)---------------This is a Take Home essay- I will be writing this essay in my exam, So i kindly suggest you to not be so difficult on the words. Be as concise as you can, Try to write what's asking on the question by only citing the book chapter i will upload for you, ONLY by saying for example: ( According to Chapter 7 , Maslow Stated - Biological and Psychological aspect of human life) So You are supposed to read the chapters i will upload on PDF, You have to do research on your own, only on the files i will upload, Don't go beyond that- the question of this essay is : What motivates suicide bombers? Is this conflict behaviour rational; is it driven by biological needs; by frustration or learned behaviours; or is it the result of social factors ( like power, gender, religion or culture)? Choose Two potential explanations from the rational, biological , psychological or sociological theories you learned in the chapters. Argue Why one of the two explanations provides a more compelling answer to the essay question. Support your argument with evidence. (For example According the Maslow's Theory) There is no citation needed, no reference needed. Just be able to support evidence for every argument you pull. I will be writing this essay in exam room, it's supposed to 5 pages. but i know my hand writing will be big so 4 pages will be enough. please don't go over the limit. Be as concise as you can, Show understanding of theories while arguing in the essay. Just straight get in to the point, don't give any history about suicide bombers or anything. try to be Arguable and very very CONCISE. 2 Theories of Maslow would be good, biological determinants and sociological determinants. Compare entities --> Write the theories there are according. AGAIN , No citation needed. But be sure to use support. This is worth 50% of my final grade. Please be very very interesting, after completing the essay. i want you to write an outline for me, like What is the Thesis, what are you arguing? Psychological or biological ? tell me each by each and tell me what is ur conclusion at the end. I want this to be in a different piece of paper. Thank you so much These are the PDF File guide : Chapter 5: Is Conflict Behaviour Rational?” 79-97------ Chapter 6: Are Conflicts Driven by Biological Needs?”.98-118-----Chapter 7: The Psychology of Conflict”. Introduction to conflict studies:119-145. So now Good luck with this, Please open up the source..

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What factors motivate suicide bombers?
Even though a lot has been documented on the background and motives of suicide bombers around the world as well as several attempts being made to profile those who participate in the acts of suicide terrorism the vast majority of the background checks has made the intentions and motivations of the suicide bombers unclear and potentially dangerous hence escalating of the issues in all manner of speculations. The paper asks why they are participating in all these activities and what their main motivation is. What drives them to the extent of taking their own lives? Are there theories that aim to explain these situations, and if they do exist, are they satisfactory. What is the end result of the acts? The paper also aims to touch on the successes of the quest of these suicide bombers.
Rationality and irrationality of a particular behavior is a very complex process. Determining if a behavior is sensible and reasonable is not an easy process as every being has his beliefs and because every behavior is guided by a particular belief. Having said that, it is important to note that most behavior related activities are rational in nature, suicide bombing included. This is because every suicide bomber is guided by a reason to perform his\her actions. Whatever the reasons are, they are best known to them and their importance or relevancy is per their own understanding and relevancy as stated by Jervis (1976), Snyder (1978), and Janis (1982) (. This is also explained in the rational theory that focuses on individual decisions. On the same note, suicide bombing is motivated by a variety of factors. They range from biological needs, frustration or learned behaviors, to even social factors like power, gender, religion and culture (Schelling, 1981).
In biological nature, the aggressive nature in human beings is naturally present in our genes. Human beings are considered and compared to animals therefore act violently to compete with each for them to be able to acquire the resources for survival, reproduction and life enjoyment according to Charles Darwin theory. Furthermore, he viewed human kind as species and comprehended their behavior as largely influenced by natural selection principle. Hence, aggression is a biological necessity and ...
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