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Fresh & Easy (Term Paper Sample)

please read and answer the Questions to Fresh & Easy. I will send you photo of the pages to read them and answer the Questions. thanks. Note: please i need them By wednesday April 3 source..

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Fresh and Easy
1 Describe Fresh & Easy according to the different types of retailers discussed in the chapter.
The entry of Fresh & Easy into the market was highly anticipated in Ontario, CA where it was just about to make a launch. The excitement and anxiety was occasioned by the yearning of the residents there for variety in retail outlets and those that were equally decent at the same time. Tesco had managed to transform itself into a chain that had a standard, the finery and respectability, coupled with the fact that it had become the third largest retailer in the world behind Walmart and France`s based Carrefour. Under the shrewd CEO Terry Leahy, Tesco increased its merchandise portfolio from a groceries specialist to the general merchandise - it introduced Walmart style supercentres, full-sized supermarkets and Walgreen style stores. Tesco at commencement took a differ approach from the one stop shopping retail structure that was already there and with good judgment Fresh & Easy from the onset was a smaller neighborhood style store positioned between convenient stores and full sizes supermarket.
2 As a retail brand, assess the Fresh & Easy strategy with respect to segmentation, targeting, differentiation and targeting
One of main factor that determined its segmentation basis was competition. From its in-house analysis, it came to a determination that it would premier its entry into the United States in California then spread to Arizona and Nevada. The fact that Walmart had a minimal presence in California was their main motivation for focusing its rollout in the state. It was also targeting the affluence and potentiality of the state considering that the GDP of California was quite big. The common thread to success in every retail outlet in the US from Best buy to Bed Bath& Beyond to Home Depot suggested that super-stores was the way to go. Tesco instead, decided to differentiate itself and take a different route and started what it called "express" mini-supermarket. Their outlets were smaller compared to the full- sized supermarkets. Unlike the other big box stores, Fresh and Easy predominantly focused on fresh, prepared as well as ready to eat food largely due to its small size.
3 Evaluate Tesco`s research efforts in the US market, did the research help or hurt.
Tesco undertook an extensive research before it ventured into the market, it sought to fork out the best approach to take, an effort that sampled 20 years worth of data. This monitoring substantially originated a noble idea that guided their segmentation, targeting and differentiation. To the extent that its unique approach threw the market into a spin was an account of the efficacy of the research. Its initial entry being California as the research recommended paid some dividends from the landmark ventures to do with energy and environment to th...
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