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Understandable Statistics: Concepts And Methods (Statistics Project Sample)



Understandable Statistics

Concepts And Methods


Simple probability determines the possibility of a specific event occurring during an experiment or when information provided. Probability is the likelihood that an event occurs. It is the number of ways in which an event may occur depending on everything that can happen. The formula for the probability is the number of events that we want to happen / number of events or everything that may happen (Brase & Brase, 2016). When using the formula that the probability is represented as favorable cases / possible cases, the number of possible outcomes or events must be finite and all the events must have the same probability (Brase & Brase, 2016). The probabilities are utilized for six-sided dice, standard 52-card deck, probability, and the expected value scenarios.
The sample space of a single rolled die consists of the events {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6}, Odds "in favor of an event (E)" = P (E)/P (not E): (1/6)/ (5/6) = 1:5, while the probability of an event is 1 divided by the possible outcomes (6), P (A)(1/6= 0.167=16.7%. The probability takes values ​​between 0 and 1 or (0% and 100%) and since the die has six sides the zero value is an impossible event and if we roll a die into the air and the probability of the number seven coming out is zero (Brase & Brase, 2016 ). The value one corresponds to the safe event and if we roll die the pro

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