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Two-tailed Test using Statdisk to Compute T-tests (Statistics Project Sample)


A local hospital states their average emergency room wait time to see a physician is less than 30 minutes. 
The standard deviation is not known. 
A survey of ten (10) randomly selected patient records is that the null hypothesis is that the mean wait time also is presumed to be 30 minutes. The data for each record surveyed 27, 31, 26, 30, 29, 30, 31, 28 30, 30 minutes.
Do a two-tailed t-test and describe how you would use the four-step hypothesis test process to answer a research question. Explain how using a t test could help you answer your research question.


Two-tailed Test using Statdisk to Compute T-tests
Two-tailed Test using Statdisk to Compute T-tests
From the information given, we can calculate the standard variation using the formulae
Ho x=30 minutes
Ha µ≠ 30 minutes
The level of significance, α being 0.050
The criteria for rejecting Ho:
Reject Ho if t calc is less or greater than t tab or
t < -tα or t > tα
Calculate the ...
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